semiauto horizontal stretch wrapper operation video

semiauto horizontal stretch wrapper operation video shows the film loading, film feeding, autoamtic cutting and wrapping.

A Semiauto Horizontal Stretch Wrapper is designed for the packaging of elongated products such as timber, metal rods, and pipes. This machinery facilitates the wrapping of items in stretch film, enhancing protection and handling ease. The “semiauto” designation indicates that while the primary wrapping process is automated, certain operations, like placing the product on the machine and cutting the film after wrapping, might require human intervention. The horizontal configuration of this wrapper allows for wrapping items which are long and difficult to manage vertically. Typically, this machine is equipped with a rotating ring or arm that applies stretch film over the product as it moves through the machine on conveyor rollers.

The parameters below do not 100% match the equipment in the video. For exact specifications, please contact us.

  • Type: Semiauto Horizontal Stretch Wrapper
  • Suitable for Products: Timber, metal rods, plastic pipes, etc.
  • Wrapping Material: Stretch film
  • Max Product Length: No limit
  • Max Product Diameter: 500mm
  • Film Delivery System: Powered pre-stretch
  • Operational Mode: Semi-automatic
  • Power Requirements: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase
  • Machine Dimensions: Length: 6000mm; Width: 1200mm; Height: 1600mm
  • Machine Weight: Approximately 1000kg
  • Production Capacity: Up to 15 products per hour
  • Control System: PLC based controls with touch screen
  • Safety Features: Emergency stop button, safety sensors


  1. In the timber industry, managing the logistics of handling and transporting long wooden planks and beams is crucial. The Semiauto Horizontal Stretch Wrapper efficiently wraps these items in protective stretch film, which preserves the quality of the wood by protecting it from moisture, dust, and pests during storage and transit. This machine enables quick preparation of timber for safe delivery to construction sites, significantly reducing potential product damage and loss.
  2. For manufacturers and distributors of metal rods and bars, this machine offers an essential function by wrapping these products quickly and securely. The tightly wrapped metal rods are safeguarded against corrosion and surface damage, which might occur during handling, storage, or transportation. The efficiency of the Semiauto Horizontal Stretch Wrapper helps maintain the pristine condition of these products, thus ensuring quality upon delivery to clients in the automotive and construction industries.
  3. The plastic pipes industry also benefits significantly from the use of a Semiauto Horizontal Stretch Wrapper. This machine accommodates various pipe lengths and diameters, wrapping them securely for storage or shipment. The protection offered by the stretch film prevents the pipes from becoming tangled and protects them from environmental damage like UV exposure and scratches, facilitating the delivery of high-quality plastic products to the end-users in sectors such as plumbing, irrigation, and industrial manufacturing.

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