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There are several type Door packing mathod:

a. Door shrink wrap machine

b. Door wrapping machine

c. Door turntable wrapping machine

Fhopepack is capable provide above solutions for your door.

door shrinking machine
—this picture of door shrinking machine for Thailand user

Door feeding from production line>>>Door aligning>>>Door stacking >>>door stacking making layer by layer>>>Shifting bundle to conveyor >>>Door stack strapping (optional)>>>Door stack out feeding.

More door packing machine information and price from the manufaturer:

Door shrinking machine

  • Consider a semi-automatic or automatic door shrink wrap machine. These tend to be more affordable than fully automatic models. Semi-auto machines require some manual operation but can still pack doors efficiently.
  • Look for a machine that uses shrink filmwith low shrinkage temperature. Around 90-110°C or 194-230°F is common for door packaging. Lower shrink temp means lower energy usage and cost.
  • Check the maximum widthand height the machine can wrap. For most standard doors, look for at least 8-10 feet width and 7-8 feet height. Wider and taller machines will be more expensive. Get the dimensions that suit the sizes of doors you need to pack.
  • Compare seal lengthand seal strength. Longer seal lengths, around 2-3 feet, and higher seal strength, around 5-6 kg/cm, typically indicate better sealing abilitywhich is important for door packs. But higher specs usually mean higher price.
  • Consider the power sourceand electrical details. Three phase power connectors tend to support higher performance at a lower cost. Voltage, cycles and power requirementsare also factors to evaluate for your needs.
  • Look for basic but durable construction using steel frame and flat bed design. Simple mechanics will ensure low maintenance costs. Check weight capacityfor packing a variety of heavy doors.
  • Look for at least 1 year warranty and after-sales service. While upfront costs are important, after-sales support also impacts your satisfaction and usable lifeof the machine.
  • Search online marketplacesas well as manufacturer and seller sites for deals on affordable door shrink wrap machines. You can often find good discounts and offers, especially for semi-auto models.
  • Make sure any machine you consider has adequate safety featuresand meets relevant standards for industrial packaging equipment. But for the price point, basic certifications should be sufficient.
  • Watch video reviewsto see real demonstrations of machines that interest you. This can give you a better sense of performance, quality, ease of use and other pros or cons.

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