orbital stretch wrapper for pallet strapping and wrapping

orbital stretch wrapper for pallet strapping and wrapping

An orbital stretch wrapper is a machine that uses stretch film to securely wrap and strap loads, such as pallets of products, for shipping and storage. Here are the main components and features of an orbital stretch wrapper:

• Frame – The frame structure supports the carriage and wrapping arm. It is typically made of steel or aluminum.

• Wrapping arm – The arm moves in an orbital motion around the load to apply the stretch film. It is powered by an electric motor or hydraulic cylinder.

• Film carriage – Holds the roll of stretch film and moves up and down the frame on rails to adjust the film height.

• Film unwind system – Feeds the stretch film from the roll to the wrapping arm. It consists of tensioners, idlers and drive rollers.

• Film cutter – Uses a blade to sever the stretch film after completing a wrap.

• Stretch film – Special plastic film that stretches as it’s wrapped around loads, conforming tightly to their shape.

• Control panel – Contains buttons to operate machine functions like start, stop, speed adjustment, film feed, carriage height control etc.

• Safety features – Like light curtains, Emergency Stop buttons and guards over moving parts.

• Films up to 7-8″ in width can typically be used.

• Wrapping speeds of up to 60 rpm (revolutions per minute) are common.

• The carriage height and wrapping arm speed can be adjusted to accommodate loads of different sizes.

• A pallet top sheet dispenser is optionally available to apply a top sheet over the wrapped pallet for added protection.

• The wrapping arm moves in an orbital pattern around the load, rotating a full 360 degrees. This ensures the stretch film covers the load completely.

• The wrapping arm is powered by an electric servo motor or hydraulic cylinder. The speed of rotation can be adjusted according to the load size.

• As the wrapping arm rotates, the film carriage moves up or down the frame to keep the stretch film at the correct height relative to the load.

• The stretch film unwind system consists of tensioners that apply tension to the film as it leaves the roll, idler rollers that guide the film, and a drive roller that feeds the film to the wrapping arm.

• After a wrap is completed, the film cutter severs the film using a sharp blade. The cutter is typically pneumatically operated.

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