A 300 automatic pallet wrapping machine with film cutter

The tension winding machine is used to wrap the tensile film around the bearing tray. The film provides additional support, while the transport and storage of the products protect them from damage. In addition, the load of the package can be easily separated and identified. Automatic stretching tray packaging machine is widely used in chemical industry, electronics industry, construction, food and other industries.

• Wrapping film width: The machine is designed to accept wrap film rolls widths of up to 300 mm. Wider films provide thicker wrap layers for heavier loads.

• Pallet size range: The machine can wrap pallets ranging from 600 x 400 mm to 1200 x 1000 mm. Larger machines are available for bigger pallet sizes.

• Wrapping speeds: Up to 30-35 revolutions per minute to enable high throughput. The speed can be adjusted based on the load characteristics.

• Film carriage: Moves vertically along the machine columns to apply the required number of film layers. It is programmable for different load heights.

• Film tensioning: Maintains proper tension on the film during wrapping to ensure a secure seal around irregular loads. Tension can be adjusted manually or automatically.

• Film cutter: Automatically cuts the wrap film after complete wrapping the load. The cut position is adjustable to accommodate various pallet sizes.

• Safety guards: Cover all moving parts like the film carriage and turntable for operator protection. Interlocks stop machine functions when guards are open.

• Control panel: Programmable logic controller (PLC) based system to set wrapping parameters and control machine functions. User-friendly interface.

• Spiral or forward wrapping: Optional modes to apply film layers in spiral or linear pattern for optimal load secureness and efficiency.

The key benefits are fully automatic wrapping of loads with consistent high quality and output. Minimum operator assistance required once configured. Machine capable of handling a variety of pallet and load sizes.

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