Automatic stretch wrapper for box and board

Orbital stretch wrapper for box, furniture door, kitchen door… Stretch film automatic feeding and cutting with holding device for light packages.

• Wrapping turntable – The turntable rotates the products to be wrapped. It is powered by an electric motor and can rotate continuously or stop at set intervals.

• Stretch film carriage – Holds the roll of stretch film and moves up and down guide rails to adjust the film height according to the product size.

• Wrapping arm – Applies the stretch film to the product as the turntable rotates. It is servo motor controlled for precise movements.

• Unwind unit – Feeds the stretch film from the roll to the wrapping arm. It consists of dancer rolls for tension control and feed rolls.

• Film cutter – Uses a blade to cut the stretch film after completing a wrap.

• Control panel – Contains push buttons to operate the machine functions like start, stop, speed adjustment, film feed etc.

• Safety features – Like light curtains, pressure mats and Emergency Stop buttons.

• Motorized height adjustment – The film carriage height can be automatically adjusted according to the product size using a servo motor.

• Touchscreen control panel (higher end models) – For easy programming of machine operations and wrapping cycles.

• Integrated box infeed/outfeed conveyors – For automatic loading and unloading of products.

• Injectors – To apply glue or sealants along box/board seams during wrapping to improve seal integrity.

The automatic stretch wrapper ensures consistent, high quality wrapping of box and board products at high speeds. The servo controlled wrapping arm and programmable controls provide precise wrapping patterns for different product sizes.

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