The rotating speed of the winding arm

We can look at fpc1. The packaging height of your load can be increased by expanding the packaging. At this time, we use the mast of 279 cm (110), replaced by 203 cm (80) mast. On the machine, we can see that there are about 220v – 50/60 haze 15

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Professional and reliable tyre wrapping machine

Bicycle tire packing machines are suitable for tires and other similar products. Automatic processing: once the tire is placed on the positioning wheel and wrapped in the appropriate position, select the speed setting, and then press the automatic button to activate the packaging process. Flywheel automatic clearance: flywheel installed on

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pallet turner

When stacking trays, a space-saving solution is needed. If they are stacked in the traditional way, the company will waste a lot of storage space and cargo space. If the pallets are stacked nested, more pallets can be stored and shipped. Company Baust has developed a process management system tray

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operation-woven tape wrapping

The FHOPE series horizontal stretch wrapping machine is widely used for wrapping welding tube, conductor, seamless pipe, steel pipe, copper tube, aluminum tube, aluminum profile, plastic straight pipe, bars, sheets and other long-shaped products. The wrapped product is well sealed and decorated, also has good effect of dust-proof, water-proof, anti-wear

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bearing packing machine and packaging equipement The high-speed bearing packing machine, for high-speed bearing wrapping and film covering. Bearing loading and unloading processing with stretch wrapper and packing machinery by crane      

bearing wrapping machine

Bearing wrapping machine Automatic bearing vertical stretch wrapping machine. It helps you improve the bearing packing in high speed.  

Orbital Stretch Wrapping and Packaging Machine

Let’s introduce One of Our product: Orbital Stretch Wrapping and Packaging Machine That is Stretch packaging machine for steel, aluminum, wood, plastics and rubber products. To stretch packaging of other types of products: flat steel, hot rolled steel, composite steel, stainless steel wire, stainless steel pipe and steel truss,aluminum, wood, wood

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semi auto plastic pipe coiler

  The new pipe coiling machine family is a great innovation, and automatic coiling system participated in the Chinaplas 2016 relying on it.

pallet wrapping system

m type pallet wrapper

R-Connect is a powerful, plug & play and user-friendly system and its major advantage is total “peace of mind”. This wrapping system can verify the production performance and optimize all management costs and give you an absolute tranquility about the machine operation. In fact, the system can maximum limit to reduce packing machine downtime and better manage maintenance operation as

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Tyre Wrapping Machine

We can offer a range of total shrinkage and stretch packaging including: Shrink Packaging Range: The automatic finishing system of bottles, cans, cans or cartons enables the overall shrinkage before packaging. Automatic pallet loader is needed. Fully automatic packaging cover (2 bulls eye opening) or fully enclosed package with or

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