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prestressed steel wire coil packing machine solutions

PCW wire coil packing machine

The prestressed with is heavy and big size that is no easy packing by manually.

There are two main types pre-stressed steel wire coil packing machine produced by FHOPE to help improving the packing speed and wire coil protection.

A. vertical version prestress wire coil packing machine

prestressed pc wire packing machine in the customer factory.

This is the vertical version prestressed wire packing machine.

Since the OD of the prestressed wire coil is upto 2000mm mornally, the disadvantage of vertical wire coil packing machine is the height of the operation. The machine height is app. 1800-2200mm. Adding the coil height, the handling height is app. 4000mm. And the top point of the coil on the machine for wrapping is app. 3000-3500mm.

That may too height for the operator by carne.

In the video, the prestressed wire coil packing machine was put into the pit that for keeping the wire coil working table same as floor. By this way the wire coil handling is more easy and safety by manually loading with crane.

B. Horizontal prestress wire coil packing machine

This is an horizontal type prestress wire coil packing machine.

This is the horizontal type wire coil packing for the OD>2000mm. It includes the roller table and wrapping station for eye through wrapping. The wrapping station is movable for in and out the wrapping position that is for easy coil loading and unloading from top of the table by crame.

For easy loading the wire coil with big OD, there some special clampers aviable for working with crane.


More wire coil packing solutions: https://www.fhopepack.com/Wire-coil-wrapping-machine/

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