vertical wrapping systems 6-sided complete stretch-film packaging

This vertical wrapping system is designed to provide complete 6-side stretch film packaging of products in a vertical orientation. The key components and features are:

• Vertical turntable – The main component where the products to be wrapped are loaded. The turntable rotates the products slowly and precisely during the wrapping process.

• Film carriage – Holds the rolls of stretch film and dispenses the film as needed during wrapping. It moves in vertical and horizontal directions to wrap all sides of the products.

• Film cutter – Automatically cuts the stretch film after wrapping each product.

• Control panel – Contains buttons to operate the turntable, film carriage and cutter. Allows setting of wrap cycles and film tension.

• Safety guards – Protect operators from moving parts during operation.

The wrapping process works as follows:

  1. Products are loaded onto the vertical turntable.
  2. The turntable rotates the products slowly while the film carriage dispenses stretch film from the bottom up, wrapping the bottom and sides.
  3. The carriage then moves over the top and wraps the film down, covering the top surface.
  4. The turntable may rotate the products in the opposite direction while the carriage wraps the remaining sides.
  5. The film is cut after completing each wrap cycle.
  6. The wrapped products are unloaded.

Key advantages of this vertical wrapping system are:

✔️ Provides complete 6-side wrap for maximum product protection

✔️ Consistent, automated wrapping process

✔️ Ability to wrap a variety of products in vertical position

✔️ Easy setup and changeover for different product sizes

✔️ Secure packaging to withstand distribution and storage

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