Automatic turntable pallet wrapping machine

Automatic turntable pallet wrapping machine

Separate top and bottom packing cabinets from 1-9.

Maximum flexibility can be provided in the aspect of your packaging requirements. A single – to three-pack switch is provided by the most competitive model, and your ability to meet customer requirements is limited.

  • Flexible top and bottom wrapping – The machine allows you to set different numbers of film layers for the top and bottom of the load, from 1 to 9 layers. This ensures optimal packagingcustomized for your load requirements.
  • Independent controlof turntable and carriage speeds – The turntable and film carriage speeds can be set separately to match the load size, film type and desired packaging quality.
  • Automatic load height detection – The machine detects the height of the loaded palletautomatically and adjusts the wrapping parametersaccordingly for consistent results.
  • Electronic control panel- Features like membrane keypad, emergency stop button, pause mode, jog mode provide easy and safe operation.
  • Film break/end alert – Notifies the operator when the film runs out or breaks to avoid incomplete packaging.
  • Carriage memory function – The carriage resumes its previous position after film change, allowing the wrapping cycleto continue where it was interrupted.
  • Ability to apply additional film layers – Offers the option to add extra layers of film during the cycle for reinforcement, if needed.
  • Safety guarding – Guards cover moving parts for operator protection.
  • Reliable performance – Heavy-duty construction and industrial grade components ensure long lifeanduptime.

In summary, an automatic pallet wrapping machine provides a fast, consistent and secure way to package products on pallets. The flexible settings and controls allow you to optimize the wrapping for different load requirements. This improves packaging efficiency while reducing material waste and costs.

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