horizontal stretch wrapper for steel tube

Fhopepack Horizontal tube orbital wrapping machine is mainly used to packaging of steel pipe, rods, copper pipe, profile… 

It is one of basic solution for long shape objecsts which help you improving the packing speed.

A horizontal stretch wrapper applies stretch film around bundles of steel tubes to protect them against damage, corrosion and tampering during storage and transportation. It helps tube manufacturers and suppliers improve shelf life, prevent quality issues and build customer trust in their products.

Key Features of a Horizontal Stretch Wrapper
•Can handle steel tube bundles of different diameters, lengths and weights.
•Employs a constant tension mechanism to apply stretch film evenly around each bundle.
•Cut and seal system automatically seals and secures the stretch film around bundles.
•PLC controlled unwinder, carriage and stretch hood mechanisms for precision wrapping.
•Safety features include emergency stop buttons, light curtains, overload sensors, etc.
•Robust construction for continuous operation in industrial workplaces.
•Stretch film Carriage and unwind system for film tension control as per bundle specifications.

Benefits of Using a Horizontal Stretch Wrapper
•Faster wrapping output compared to manual wrapping. Can wrap 100-150 bundles per hour.
•More consistent and higher quality wrapping with even film tensions on all sides of each bundle.
•Improved corrosion and damage resistance of wrapped bundles, extending product shelf life.
•Safer working environment as operators stand at fixed control stations during the wrapping cycle.
•Lower material costs due to optimized stretch film usage and minimal wastage.
•Lesser likelihood of injuries and accidents from handling metal tubes and equipment.
•Reduced wastage and rejected bundles due to appropriately wrapped and secured bundles.
•Increased productivity and volume output at lower costs for greater profitability.
•Enhanced product quality, durability and brand value leading to higher customer satisfaction.

A horizontal stretch wrapper automates and improves the process of bundling steel tubes. It ensures precious resources are optimized, costs are controlled, workplace safety is maintained and brand value is built through high quality and lasting products. An automated horizontal stretch wrapper is critical for manufacturing businesses focused on profit, performance and partnership.

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