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Master coil wrapping machines provide an efficient yet intelligent solution for wrapping spools or coils of metal strips. These machines automate a process that was once completed manually.

By feeding the coils into wrapping heads that house material rolls, tension controls and cutting blades, master coil wrapping machines are able to wrap coils at significantly higher speeds while maintaining tight tolerances and high quality. As the coil spins, the material is wrapped around it under precisely controlled tension. Any excess material is then cut away, leaving a professional finished look with minimal waste.

-Consistent and Damage-Free Wrapping for Superior Performance
When wrapped by hand, coils are prone to issues like slack, wrinkles, tears or uneven wrapping that can compromise quality and lead to lower performance or early failure. Master coil wrapping machines eliminate these problems by wrapping coils uniformly with even and optimal tension using strong yet flexible materials that conform perfectly to the coil shape. Every coil is wrapped to the same high standards, meeting specifications and customer expectations.

-Improved Safety, Productivity and Cost Effectiveness
In addition to higher quality, these machines provide substantial benefits. By automating a manual process, operators no longer handle sharp tools or moving parts, reducing hazards. At the same time, throughput is increased manifold, delivering more output with fewer resources. And lower direct costs, indirect costs, waste and rework expenses combine to make coiling operations far more cost effective and profitable overall.

Versatility and Quick Changeovers for Diverse Requirements
Master coil wrapping machines are designed to be versatile, allowing them to wrap coils of different sizes, materials and applications by simply adjusting settings. Combined with quick change parts and minimal downtime for reconfiguration, manufacturers can satisfy diverse customer needs efficiently without excessive effort or expense.

Master coil wrapping machines transform coil wrapping into a precise, automated process, enabling premium quality, optimized productivity, improved safety, lower costs and greater versatility. For any business producing coiled cable or conduit, these solutions guarentee higher competitiveness and stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships

Main feactures:

1. automatic material control for packaging.

2. automatic packaging station positioning.

3. automatic coil ID detecting.

4. automatic material cutting.

5. shuttle for id wrapping

6. automatic adjustment for different coil size packaging

7.special tension control and maintain

8. c-type orbital wrapping

9. special designing for master coil packaging.


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