the good showing bearing packaging machine

series are top rated, reputable, fully automatic, multilane top to bottom showing packaging equipment for solitary section packing of adjustable loosened (natural powder, granulate), part and liquefied items (beauty products as shampoos, masks and creams liquefied cleansers, your hair colours) into pyramidal bags, stickpacks and flat totes enclosed on 3 ends. Based on the stuffed merchandise the bearing bearing packaging machine is equipped with appropriate dosing devices. The handle method guarantees the consumer can quickly and easily handle each of the packaging machine options. Hand bags are made from an endless roll of heat sealable packing material. The foil is reduce into specific thin pieces in accordance with the amount of pipes (except one-lane packaging machine), passes through a creating aspect (with out developing collar); all strips are sealed lengthwise making sleeves. This sleeve is sealed by a cross jaw bone plus a exact dose of stuffed products is packed from the tube. By turning for 90?? and making bags of triangle shape, the attractive shape of pyramidal bags is made by two pairs of cross jaws that seal the bags. The sleeve is pulled downward for set pair and length of cross jaws seals it transversely. Integrated blade slashes the hand bags off of on to an get out of conveyor that transports the totes for more managing. The bag form might be transformed immediately on the panel. All the parts that can come into connection with items of food items figure are created from stainless-steel AISI 304 (after an exclusive ask for also in AISI 316L). The bearing packaging machine ABM EN can be done to combine with other optionally available extras.

Maximal foil width: 1000 mm

Dimensions: thickness 28,5-70 millimeters, lenght 50-250 mm

Amount of tubes: 1-9

Maximal output: 60 periods/min. (based on bundled item), as much as 540 totes/minutes.

Handbag sort: pyramidal, pyramidal boiling, stickpack, flat, smooth cooking, toned with euro pit ¨C 3 aspects covered

Handle techniques: SIEMENS, ALLEN BRADLEY

Generate: , pneumaticalmechanical and electrical

Excess weight: 1050 kg (X), 1250 kg (XL), 1500 kg (XXL)

Go across seal off: linear grooving, diamonds design and style

Sort of bundled merchandise: loose (powder, granules), water, modest sections

3D: AMT.jpg

Item sheet: AMT_Closing.pdf file

Advised foil sort: customers?? choice


flexible, efficient, variable and reliable totally computerized, multiple-hose straight having bearing packaging machine

varnished or stainless tough framework

electro-pneumatic push

Siemens/Allen Bradley/Telemecanique management methods supply quick and simple operations

chance to store parameters for many different items or bearing packaging capabilities

case duration adjustments mechanically in millimeters

effortless transformation with other formats (much more pipes, different handbag breadth)

AISI 304 stainless steel accomplish (or AISI 316L on client??s require) reaching personal hygiene meals speak to demands

safety concentration ¨C in-built door safety function, key urgent stop button, primary swap

closing ¨C heating (regular), impulse, ultrasound examination

cross seal off raster varieties – linear grooving, precious stone layout

stop of foil quick, easy and sensor fastening newest foil reel, intelligent foil centering by detectors

appropriate for huge-batch and modest-batch shows, really easy handle, amendments and operation

suitable for packing cosmetic products

attractive, compact and modern design

minimal routine maintenance requirements

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