the good showing bearing packaging machine

fully automatic, multi-function bearing packing machine for showing big bearing packaging process from film dispensing, clamping, bearing  packing tension adjustable loosened (natural powder, granulate), Based on the strong designing, the bearing packaging machine is equipped with appropriate oil spray dosing devices. The handle method guarantees the bearing quickly and easily handle each of the packaging machine for moisture packaging.





Siemens/Allen Bradley/Telemecanique    management methods supply quick and simple operations

chance to store parameters for many different items or bearing packaging capabilities

case duration adjustments mechanically in millimeters

effortless transformation with other formats (much more pipes, different handbag breadth)

AISI 304 stainless steel accomplish (or AISI 316L on client??s require) reaching personal hygiene meals speak to demands

safety concentration ¨C in-built door safety function, key urgent stop button, primary swap

closing ¨C heating (regular), impulse, ultrasound examination

cross seal off raster varieties – linear grooving, precious stone layout


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