horizontal coil stretch wrapping machine videos

The video shows the horizontal coil stretch wrapper operation.

• The machine are commonly used to apply a single layer of stretch film around horizontally oriented coil bundles to contain and secure them for storage and transport.

• The wrapping pivot or ring rotates to unwind film from an underslung film roll and stretch it around the stationary coil. Larger rings provide wider film unwind.

• Adjustable support rollers allow coils of different diameters to be wrapped. The rollers can extend, retract and tilt to match various coil shapes.

• Horizontal wrappers typically have lower wrapping tensions compared to vertical wrappers since gravity does not help pull the film tight around the coil.

Adjustable supportive rollers

Ring position 0 pioin reseting

PLC control for coil packing

Rollers covered with soft PU

Machine is eay operation and installation.

More information: https://www.fhopepack.com/Coil_packing_machine.html

The coil is likely loaded horizontally onto a series of adjustable support rollers. The rollers can be spaced and positioned to match the coil’s inside and outside diameters.

There is likely a pivot or ring mechanism that rotates to apply the stretch film wrap around the coil. The “ring position 0 point resetting” suggests this rotating ring can be reset to the starting position.

The PLC control system allows setting of wrapping parameters like film tension, number of wraps and rotational speed of the wrapping ring. It automates the wrapping process.

The support rollers are covered with soft PU (polyurethane) to cushion the coil and prevent scratching of the coil’s surface during wrapping.

A horizontal coil wrapper has a more compact footprint compared to vertical wrappers. However, it requires a longer stretch film unwind since the coil remains horizontal.

The horizontal orientation allows for easy loading and unloading of coils using forklifts or overhead cranes.

The “easy operation and installation” suggests the machine features simple controls and quick changeover between different coil sizes.

Safety features like guards, two-hand controls and light curtains would likely be incorporated to prevent contact with moving parts during operation.

Routine maintenance of items like rollers, film guides and pivot mechanisms would be needed to ensure reliable performance.

So in summary, the key advantages of a horizontal coil stretch wrapper are its compact design, easier coil handling and quick changeover capability. The PLC control and pivot wrapping ring provide automation, while the cushioned rollers help protect the coils during wrapping.

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