Full-automatic & Vertical Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Specifications and Options sections contain data about special options. This is important as
you install and operate the machine.
The Safety section points out the Warnings, Cautions, and Notes and makes sure that all
personnel work in a safe environment.
The Installation and Operator Instructions sections tell you how to install and use the machine
safely and efficiently.
The Maintenance and the Troubleshooting tell you how to make sure that the machine stays at
top performance.
The Appendix section can include the CE Declaration of Conformity, Glossary and Warranty
The Parts List and Drawings sections have data on parts.
This manual helps you operate your machine safely and efficiently. The value is to increase your
productivity and decrease packaging costs.
The Forklift Stop helps the operator to align the load on the turntable.
It attaches to the turntable skirt and is adjustable.
You can attach it at 3 different positions.

  1. Use the pins on the forklift stop to attach it to the turntable.
  2. Put the pins into the holes on the turntable skirt.
  3. Use the anchor locations to attach to the floor.

Auto Film Cut-off – This option automatically cuts the film at the end of the wrap cycle.
Banding – This is the number of wraps that the FDS applies to a selected section of the load.
The settings are from 1 to 9.
Bottom Wrap – This sets the number of wraps for the bottom of the load. The settings are from
1 to 9.
Emergency Stop (E-stop) – The E-stop is a red button that safely stops the machine in an
emergency condition.
Film Delivery System (FDS) – This is the Electrical/Mechanical assembly that applies the film
to the load
FDS Carrier – The carrier is the fab that holds the FDS assembly. The assembly bolts to the
G Force Plus FDS – This option uses an electric brake to control the tension on the film.
Initialize – This sets the safety circuits and puts all components in the start position
Full-automatic & Vertical Pallet Wrapping Machine

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