coil packaging line Corporation in China

Leading packaging equipment supplier, China FHOPE Packaging Machinery Corporation (CFPMC), has successfully installed a complete coil packaging line in one of the top steel coil producers in China. CPMC is specialized in packaging equipment design, manufacture and installation for the steel, aluminum and packaging industries.

coil packaging line
coil packaging line

The newly installed coil packaging line is tailored for palletizing coiled steel products. It includes a coil feeding and stacking device, an automatic strapping machine, a palletizer robot and a stack forming system. This fully automated packaging line can handle coiled steel products of different sizes and weights, achieving a packaging capacity of 60-80 tons per hour.

The coil feeding and stacking device can receive and stack coils from the coil warehouse. The automatic strapping machine applies straps to coil packages to secure the coils together. The palletizer robot grips coil packages and loads them onto pallets in a precise and mechanical manner. The stack forming system arranges the loaded pallets into stable stacks. The palletizer robot dexterously picks up the bundled coil packages and places them onto pallets in a streamlined and consistent fashion. The stacker expertly arranges the loaded pallets into stable stacks perfect for storage and shipping.
This project perfectly demonstrates CFPMC’s abilities in providing customized and integrated packaging solutions for the metal coil industry. With the new coil packaging line, the steel coil producer has realized automation, increased throughput, improved efficiency and ensured packaging quality, which lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise.

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