Coil Packaging machine could be fully built-in with all the slitter


Automatic coil packaging machine lines are created to boost the productiveness of the slitting line and lower your packaging charges. Equipment can be quite versatile and especially personalized for your needs. Regular designs vary from manual or semiautomatic to fully auto having a totally auto strapping machine.

Coil Packaging machine lines could be totally integrated with all the slitter or may be from another location found with transfer of slit material by coil vehicle. Alcos packaging lines might include some or all the adhering to elements:

Coil Automobile – without or with clamps to stop filter slit slashes from slipping above, collapsing or clock springing.

Turnstile – inone and two, three or four arm configuration. Typically these are generally strength rotated. Push off styles use Alcos confirmed pusher system.

Downenders – may take cuts pushed off of the turnstile or perhaps for essential applications the downender may be indexed to the cut to buy it without any dropped slashes. Downenders could be handbook, semi auto, or totally automatic.

Strapping Machines – use proven strapping heads which operate semi automatically. Alternatively, which can be programmed for full automatic operation. For high amount programs, multiple heads can be offered.

Coil Stacker – Picks the banded coil up after it is actually transferred by driven conveyor rolls from the strapping machine. OD pick up simplifies the procedure. No pit is required for your stacker. An Alcos stacker includes a very quick cycle time. Coils may be loaded with or without spacers.

Turntable – stacked coil turntables provide deposition

capacity in six or 8 positions and enables splitting on various skids from just one grasp coil. Collection of stacking position could be handbook or programmed auto.

Skid Strapping – a spinning durable conveyor area gives easy strapping accessibility for acquiring slit coils for the skid. The revolving action also makes it very easy to apply wrappings.

Level – can be built-in to a operated part of conveyor, attached over either a balance scale or with built-in fill tissues. This could be tied into printers or straight into computerized systems.

Storage space Conveyor – durable powered roller conveyor stores skids of slit coils right up until they may be taken from the program.

Coil Upender – utilized exactly where edge horizontal shipment is required. The driven coil upender can be integrated to rotate the slit coils 90°.

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