automatic steel pipe packing line for stainless pipe, aluminum pipe

automatic steel tube bundle packing line
automatic steel tube bundle packing line and strapping machine
Automatic Pipe Packing Machine is used in high-speed packing of produced pipes; the shape of bundle and number of pipes according to round, shaped pipes and packing unit are processed by digital operation resulting in innovational improvement of safety and productivity.  

General Features of the automatic pipe packaging machine1.

Higherpace water pipe bundling2.

Minimized scuff on water pipe surface areas3.

Computerized and programmable pack size transform4.

Improved for bundling each circular and formed water pipe5.

Easy transform of the shapes of package6.

Decreased packaging space7.

Conserving of labor cost8. Innovational

decrease in safety incidents 

Composition of Equipment1.

Lifting Sequence Conveyor2.

Water pipe Covering3.

Tube Exchange Lever4. Bundling

Pocket (Fixed)5.

Transfer Pocket6.

Electric outlet Pack Conveyor7.

Auto Strapping Machine9.

Package Sequence Conveyor10. OP Control Panel

11. Automatic strapping station.
tube packaging line
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