Automatic Bundling Machine and Bagging Machine for PVC Pipe or Plastic Pipe

Our products are superior in quality and moderate in price. Fhopepack is located in Shanghai, China, and the whole chain manufacturing automatic PVC and PPR tube bundle packing machine. The utility model relates to an automatic strapping and bundling device for counting tubes from time to time in an extruder. This is a plastic pipe business without an online packaging line. The plastic tube packing machine is designed for packing plastic tubes. The operation is controlled by PLC programmable controller and man-machine interactive touch screen. Work smoothly and forcefully. The photoelectric system tracks the length of the product and positions the product accurately. Machine failure alarm display, steel tube, plastic tube, copper tube, bag packing line use tube bag packing system. The system can be widely used in a well formed and packed bag film tube forming tube, and etc. Fhopepack is a leading manufacturer of tube packing lines, based in china. We provide various types of products, such as steel pipe packing line, plastic pipe banding machine, pipe strapping machine, etc.. Our products are of good quality and competitive in price… Fhopepack provides various industrial tubes, automatic tubes, packing line processing equipment. Pipe joint (Guan Bangzha), pipe material handling equipment for steel pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, tube packing, stacking banding and other processes in the. Pipe packing in various forms, such as round, square and oblong hexagonal or square tubes. Automatic or manual packing and strapping options are available. We also provide automatic counting device and lifter. An automatic conveyor used to build up bundles of bundles and pick them up with forklifts or overhead cranes. Automatic  Bundling Machine and Bagging Machine for PVC Pipe or Plastic Pipe

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