stretch wrap equipment for horizontal packing

door orbital wrapping machine

Following is information reply for customer.

Thank you for your quick reply. I’m wanting to use the ZC orbital wrap machines as they are horizontal machines. The components we will be wrapping for this project cannot be rotated by the vertical machine as there will not be an outer component to ride on, just the rollers and retaining band. This project will require us to wrap the component with the component on its face as shown on the ZC-200 photo. Our width will vary from 150mm to 260mm and the OD will vary from 300mm to 600mm. Please let me know if this can be combined into one orbital wrapping machine.


Could you please come to our factory on 5th, May at 10am or later? We are sorry that our electrical engineer who is in charge of your case is on his business trip for an urgent project at another factory in Anhui province. We have been trying to get him back today, but there is no available train tickets. He will come back by tomorrow.
If you come to our factory tomorrow, we only can show you the orbital stretch wrapping machine as we can not start it. Apologize to you again.
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