automatic coiling machine for pipe and hose

automatic pipe coiling machine


Please let me know if you could provide an automated coiling machine to produce coils as shown in the attached photos.

These are coils of electrical cord ranging from 50 foot lengths to 150 foot lengths. The coil size is:

Length of cord = 50’ to 150’
Height of Coil = 3.5” to 7”
ID of Coil = 3”
OD of coil = 5” to 12”

The coils are secured by two bands through the eye of the coil. The eye of the coil must remain open for a product to be inserted at a later operation.

I have seen machines for coiling and banding hose and pipe that you have on YouTube that look like they may be able to do this type of product. We would need the line to be able to be run by one operator and produce up to 4 coils per minute.

Please let me know if you can make such coil coiling and winding machine.


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