Coil packing solution from Fhope

automatic steel coil packing

If you are looking for a coil packing solution, no matter what kind of coil packaging, Fhopepack is able to help you make a good performance coil packing equipment.

The customer is not going for a replacement carriage now as they are pleased with the construction of the machine.
What we are looking for now instead is the following spares.
Drive rollers and drive motor that the coil sits on.
Carriage drive motor.
Side supporting rollers
Drive wheels for the wrapping head
Cutting wire.
Cutting knives

Following are some coil packing:

Coil Packing Machine

Hose packaging machine

Steel coil wrapping machine

Wire coil wrapping machine

Copper coil packing machine

Pipe packing machine

Cable packing machine

Tyre packing machine

Bearing packing machine


Mechanical upender

Hydraulic upender


Could you send me an updated quote for the coil wrapper with 3 coil stations.

Also a drawing showing the layout, could this be sent in a word format.

Do you have a components manual and drawings of the wrapping shuttle.

A customer is requesting these so they can assess the build of the equipment.


Thanks for the quote for the FPS1500 and the FPS600.
The customer will not be interested in two machines,
so could you quote me if possible for the following?
GD 1000 machine and could this be built with a double carriage the same as the Brinsworth machine.
I think this would be a possible purchase to cover a percentage of there coils
So if you could send me a quote and drawings and layout I will forward to the customer.

Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Our coiled packing line is efficient and flexible. Line
It is fully automatic preprogramming (or manually feeding)
Packing specification.
The line can package different sizes and types of packages.
There is no need to install. The line can be used for several cutting machines or
The production line is synchronized.
Due to full automatic operation, packaging line
Only need to fill the material. Usually, when driving
Full capacity, material filling frequency does not exceed
A shift / coil wrapping machine.
Our packing line reduces the cost of packing. Instead of
Using pre cut packaging material, we cut and optimize the wire.
Material based on the size of the coil. This means that there is
Quite a few needs different sizes of materials and
Packing space.
Selection of coil packaging line to improve cost efficiency
Package your product with good protection and
An elegant appearance.

Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine


Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Designed for high performance through eye packing coil for metal industry, the coil owner is
It can be installed in multiple versions to meet the needs of most customers. High speed passenger car and
The coil rotating machine determines the packing efficiency and the protection level of the coil. What is shown here is
The main film packaging film type second shuttle application unit with the outer package trailer.
The power film shuttle can be applied to a series of corrosion inhibiting membrane coils and protection.
Films, strength films and woven packaging, if necessary. The machine that depends on the choice
The plastic edge protection of the outer edge of the coil can also be automatically applied in the packaging process.
Fhope comes from a highly flexible packaging system solution.
Roll and bag integrated choke rolls, rotating speed, rotating speed, film transport speed and
The width of the film determines the level and overlap of the film, resulting in a complete cocoon roll.
Most of the air has been removed from the coil, reducing the possibility of corrosion or water stains.


Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine



Automatic Hose Packaging Machine

a chinese medicine in the supply tray wrapping machine stretch wrap machine, china. the machine has a fhope packaging design, special construction stretch wrap machine in china. fhope a stretch wrap machine, automatic cutting machine, with the film. hey, technology rich stretch wrap machine manufacturing experience, can provide you the stretch wrap machines on the market have been received.
we are a production process design and the harsh conditions to customers in accordance with the requirements of the specifications and packing. the pallet stretch wrap machines are easy to install, easy to maintain the system, can be a good protective packaging, packaging and tension of the stretch wrap machine is for the customers and the efficiency is high, that is, the life of a chinese supplier – fhope r machine, packaging style.
custom – fhope chinese feed tray of high packing and packaging. in the past few years, the knowledge and experience of the application of the production, stretch wrap machines include a table structure, the effective operation of the conveyor system to the control panel through the control system of electric power, the other rotary dial, select. the key to the packaging to meet the most severe stretch wrap or tray packaging requirements. we have to package is nothing more than your tray up road traffic and safety. fhope provider in china – you are very satisfied the purchase of our china’s pallet stretch wrap machine. if for some reason, you are in my heart listen, please know, the stretch wrap machine service provider.



For many years, M has been trying to solve the problem of sustainable development for customers. Our company has been working tirelessly to help customers use minimized films, including eliminating load losses and increasing productivity. Optimizing customer operations throughout the supply chain can be ensured by our system solutions.

Although reduce the utilization rate of primary packaging materials and increase the cube, is a major embodiment of local packaging sustainability, but in order to achieve the best product delivery and reduce waste, at the end of stretch packaging process is also very important. As one of the supply chain which links, the enterprise also cannot ignore it, as companies also need to meet the needs of industry to gain greater overall production efficiency, it easier for him to achieve sustainable development, from film, equipment and technology progress, cost and at the same time can be greatly reduced. The best solution to us together with our customers to provide, and insert an alternative solution to understand cannot fully achieve greater sustainability, want to do this we need to really understand each application.

In 2011, we received a green environmental impact from M reward, for 3 swivel ST machine octopus, used in packaging machinery optimization of stretch packaging for its won the prize, “green” recognition of the five top class innovation, are related to the sustainable packaging. The verifiable data must be included in the submission to reduce greenhouse gas reduction, life-cycle impact and other environmental impacts

Machine lockpop music

All the company’s products, serious economic, environmental and customer satisfaction issues need to be considered. Because transportation costs more than $1 billion a year. Consumer satisfaction has also had a significant negative impact because of damaged goods and delivery delays.

So how do you solve this problem? Machine lock’popular! L N ‘POP for their use of slide, Angle plate, packing bag and stretch film, allows the company to reduce or even to eliminate, at the same time increase the stability of the pallet load has also been improved in the process of transportation, lock N’ P can be used alone, can also work with the stretch packaging, is a kind of environmental friendly adhesives, more cost effective, this also let it heat melt more security, it is to use the compact, cheap, almost no free maintenance equipment, the safety of each box can be locked to ensure that P, parcel from inside to outside can easily POP up, simply ascend, transport damage also is almost eliminated, because P shear strength is produced to make the package from lateral to the other side, it will not tear the packing because five formula designed for box, bag, and frozen packing design, and work on most types of surface, and can not leave any visible or sticky residue.

The role of locks is to protect your goods as well as protect our environment. Machine lock’P is environmentally friendly, and less energy can be produced without the need for post-processing byproducts. Reduce the loss of profits and employee injury of extra time, all of us can continue to help you, is because of the simple application method, the characteristics of low material cost and environmental friendly, drop box and the impact of transportation damage, correct formula and equipment are all we have, so no matter your business size, no matter you use which kinds of carton, also can realize, each kind of type and size of operation can adapt. Save the product, save money, save the earth is the natural log. P wants to help and realize

coil packing machine forbearing die

Characteristics of the part with which it is part to quote
Maximum weight of 450 kg of the forged part
Material of the piece: Titanium alloy
The initial interest is to handle work pieces with the following characteristics:
Outside diameter: 1335 mm
Inner Diameter: 1000 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Height: 390 mm
Maximum weight: 350 kg (forged ring)
In the future we would like to handle ring-shaped workpieces with the following characteristics
Outside diameter: 800 – 1550 mm
Internal diameter: 625 – 1450
Thickness: 20 – 140 mm
Height: 46 – 600 mm
Max weight: 450 kg (forged ring)
Material: Titanium alloys

Características de la pieza con la que se parte para cotizar
Peso máximo de 450 kg de la pieza forjada
Material de la pieza: Aleación de Titanio
El interés inicial es manejar piezas de trabajo con las siguientes características:
Diámetro exterior: 1335 mm
Diámetro interior: 1000 mm
Espesor: 12 mm
Altura: 390 mm
Peso máximo: 350 Kg (anillo forjado)
En el futuro nos gustaría manejar piezas de trabajo en forma de anillo con las siguientes características
Diámetro exterior: 800 – 1550 mm
Diámetro interno: 625 – 1450
Espesor: 20 – 140 mm
Altura: 46 – 600 mm
Peso máx .: 450 kg (anillo forjado)
Material: Aleaciones de titanio

Forge packing machine and coil packing machine detail size requirement as above.


Coil Wrapping Machine for Small Bearing and Steel Coil

As specialist manufacturer with regard to coil providing machine/coil wrapping equipment, Fhopepack providing practically full range coils packaging option for our clients. As long as regarding coil object? Regarding steel coil nailers packaging: You’ll find semi automobile to computerized packing equipment solution pertaining to steel remove, slitting coil, combination coil, opera steel?- there is ready providing well protected packaging by our unique designed equipment. For metallic wire coil nailers packaging: Cable coil packing/wrapping device is able to deal with your light weight aluminum wire coils, PI cable coil, Laptop or computer wire coil, Pre-strand wire coil?-by expand film, document, PVC?- The solution could be vary from your own handling functioning. For plastic pipe packing: There are hose pipe coil packing/wrapping appliance, PVC tube wrapping machine for coil packaging from 1kg to 500kg, for coil dimensions OD:200-3000mm, for width50-1500mm?-Even there are solution for automatic coiling and also pipe presentation. For copper mineral coil providing: Both side to side coil extend wrapper and vertical coil wrapper are available for copper remove, coil linen coil the labels. Automatic packaging and putting line is capable help you decrease the labor can be expensive. For tyre packing: Controls packing/wrapping machine can be designed with diverse function in order to meet your need in steering wheel wrapping, company logo tapping, brand printing?- for your truck tyre, cycle tyre, small car tyre?- Regarding bearing supplying: Bearing packing machine can be a unique creating by Fhopepack with eye by way of wrapping device. It is able to distinct packing materials for different season, different area packaging requirement. It is easy to operate bearing packaging equipment for you to increasing your pace.

Coil Wrapping Machine for Small Bearing and Steel Coil 

Automatic tube coiler and pipe coiling strapping machine
Automatic pipe coiler machine works for tube coiling. Automatic counting the length of tube, cutting, holding, strapping, and out feeding. It was for automatic online coiling and automatic offline coiling…

How to packing the toroidal package by coil packing machine

steel wrapping machine

How to packing the toroidal package by coil packing machine
It is a wrapping machine movable solution for coil package wrapping solution by paper and woven.
The size can be packing by this packaging equipment is OD:700-1500MM
This is wrapping machine control by PLC with AC motor.

Automatic cable coiler and strapping amchine


How to pack the coil by coil wrapping machine toroidal stretch wrapper…