automatic tyre packing line

Automatic tyre packing line

The on-line tyre packing system for automatic tyre packing by one people.

The speed is upto 120pcs per hour.

Tyre size , trye type are changable via requirement.

  • Excellent Well-known interenal electric parts brands.
  • Manual& automatic positioning for tyre.
  • Supportive rollers can raising and down for on line wrapping.
  • Supportive rollers coated by soft material
  • The converter for speed adjustment
  • Tyre Packaging tension is adjustable.
  • Difference packing material can be chosen.
  • Tyre infeed conveyor – Conveys tyres into the wrapping line. Can include turntables, orienting devices and pushers.
  • Stretch wrapping section – Consists of a rotating armthat applies stretch filmto the tyre while it is rotated. Allows for multi-layer wrapping.
  • Top sheet dispenser – Applies a layer of tissue paper or film over the wrapped tyre for added cushioning.
  • Carton erecting section – Erects and folds carton boxes for packing the wrapped tyres.
  • Carton loading section – Raises the wrapped tyre and lowers it into the erected carton.
  • Carton closing section – Applies glue or tape to seal the carton flaps after the tyre is loaded.
  • Carton conveyor – Conveys sealed cartons out of the wrapping line.
  • Safety guards cover moving parts to protect operators.
  • Light curtains and emergency stopsfor safety.
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) controls the entire wrapping and packing process.
  • Touchscreen HMIfor operators to input parameters and monitor the line.

The automatic tyre wrapping line provides a complete solution for applying stretch film to tyres, cushioning them with a top sheet, loading them into cartons and sealing the cartons. The integrated system helps improve product changeover times and ensures consistent, high quality packs.

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