reel wrapping machine

Fhope produces a series of durable, solid and highly reliable stretches to help you protect your valuable products. Let’s help you identify the best applications and budget machines. According to your product and pallet packing, Orion provides a semi-automatic and full automatic model in the turntable, rotating tower and track configuration.
The Orion specializes in the production of automatic stretching and packaging machines and semi-automatic tray packer. With more than 30 years of experience, you can expect to stretch thin film machinery from Orion. If you are looking for durable equipment to meet the needs of your industry, look at the Orion. Strong and effective tensile membrane machinery is made to help you protect your every product. Excluding the risks, every product you produce will be safe and safe to meet the needs of the customer. When you choose our automatic packing machine and tray packing machine, you will get every use of durability and reliability.

A reel wrapping machine is used to apply stretch film or shrink film to product reels or spools. Here are the main components and features:

• Rotating reel table – Holds the product reel and rotates it for wrapping. Powered by an electric motor.

• Film carriage – Houses the roll of stretch/shrink film and moves up and down guide rails to adjust the wrapping height.

• Wrapping arm – Applies the film to the rotating reel. It moves in an orbital pattern to ensure complete coverage.

• Unwind system – Feeds the film from the roll to the wrapping arm. Consists of tensioners, idlers and drive rolls.

• Film cutter – Uses a blade to sever the film after completing a wrap.

• Control panel – Contains buttons to operate machine functions like start/stop, speed adjustment, film feed etc.

• Safety features – Like light curtains, guards over moving parts and emergency stop buttons.

• Wrapping speeds up to 50-60 rpm are common.

• Can wrap reels ranging from 6-10″ in diameter up to 36-48″

• For wrapping multiple layers of film to provide added protection and containment.

• Often used to wrap electrical wire and cable reels, yarn spools, and plastic film reels.

• The machine ensures a secure, tamper-evident wrap with uniform film tension around irregularly shaped reel ends.

reel wrapping machine

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