Orbital stretch wrapping machine and strapping machine

Orbital stretch wrapping machine and strapping machine

It is for wrapping the package all six sides for sealed packaging.

**Orbital wrapping motion. ** Orbital stretch wrapping machines use a rotating wrap head to wrap stretch film around loads 360 degrees. This allows wrapping large, irregular or oddly shaped loads that would not fit on a standard conveyor. Orbital motion provides comprehensive coverage for maximum protection.

**Tight, damage-free wrapping. ** Servo control regulates wrap tension for close wrapping without tears, holes or slack. Proper tension secures loads without impact damage or compression. Multiple wraps at different angles provide the strongest bundling.

**Continuous high-speed wrapping. ** Fast, continuous roll feeding and wrapping enables quick throughput. Some orbital stretch wrappers can wrap 50-100 loads per hour or more. Consistent wrapping speed reduces weak points for a professional, secure finished result. High speed minimizes cycle times and improves efficiency, reducing costs.

**Enhanced safety. ** Manual wrapping poses ergonomic risks like injury from repetitive motion, strain, pinch points or heavy load handling. Automation eliminates these hazards, reducing accidents, injuries, insurance claims, workers’ comp costs and legal issues. A safer work environment improves morale, retention, productivity and brand image.

**Minimal material usage. ** Tight control of wrap tension minimizes excess material usage. Proper but not excessive tension optimizes economy while still securing loads thoroughly. Using less wrap film and straps lowers material costs and waste management fees, benefiting finances and sustainability.

**Improved stability and security. ** Strong bundling from optimal tension prevents load shifting, breakage or loss during handling and transit. Shipments arrive undamaged, enhancing on-time delivery, quality reputation and customer satisfaction. Secure bundling limits claims, reworks, replacements and legal issues, reducing overhead costs.

**Rugged durability. ** Machines incorporate heavy-duty, wear-resistant components for continuous high-volume use. Solid construction provides many years of operation with minimal maintenance or downtime. A durable, reliable design sustains productivity, performance, safety and low cost of ownership.

**Compact design. ** Although able to wrap large loads, machines have a compact footprint. Little floor space is required for high capacity, allowing installation even in tight areas. A compact yet capable size combines spacious wrapping tables with minimal space usage for an affordable, space-saving solution.

** Summary. ** Orbital stretch wrapping machines and strapping machines offer fast, economical and sustainable solutions for bundling loads. Benefits include orbital wrapping motion, tight damage-free wrapping, continuous high-speed wrapping, enhanced safety, minimal material usage, improved stability, a durable design, and compact size.

Affordable automation provides comprehensive, high-speed bundling. Safer, more efficient and cost-effective wrapping. Higher quality, throughput and security at lower costs. Reduced waste, claims and legal issues. Proven solutions for high-volume handling of various load types.

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