PU,PE Tube coiler packing machine and strapping machine

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A PU, PE Tube Coiler Packing Machine and Strapping Machine is designed for efficient handling and packaging of polyurethane (PU) and polyethylene (PE) tubes. This sophisticated machinery combines coiling, packing, and strapping functionalities to streamline the manufacturing and distribution processes. The machine first coils the PU or PE tubes into manageable rolls, then wraps them securely, and finally applies strapping to ensure the coils remain intact during storage and transport. This equipment often includes a coiling head with adjustable tension settings, automatic wrapping stations that can accommodate various material types, and a strapping unit that reliably secures each coil with either heat-sealed or mechanical straps.

The parameters below do not 100% match the equipment in the video. For exact specifications, please contact us.

  • Type: Combined Coil, Pack, and Strap Machine
  • Suitable Materials: PU, PE
  • Tube Diameter Range: 5mm to 50mm
  • Coil Inner Diameter: Adjustable from 200mm to 1000mm
  • Wrapping Material: Stretch film, woven fabric, craft paper
  • Strapping Options: Polyester strap, PP strap
  • Production Speed: Up to 10 coils per minute
  • Control System: Advanced PLC control with touchscreen operation
  • Power Requirements: 240V, 50Hz, single phase
  • Machine Dimensions: Length: 3200mm; Width: 1400mm; Height: 1600mm
  • Machine Weight: Approximately 1500kg
  • Safety Features: Enclosures and safety interlocks


  1. In irrigation system manufacturing, PU and PE tubes require effective packing solutions to maintain their shape and integrity. The PU, PE Tube Coiler Packing and Strapping Machine efficiently processes these tubes, wrapping and securing them into coils with diameters adjustable up to 1000mm. This ensures that the tubes are protected from environmental factors and are easy to handle and distribute, reducing labor and transportation costs significantly, and ensuring tubes are farm-ready.
  2. For the automotive industry that uses copious amounts of PE tubes in fluid and gas systems, this machine offers a streamlined packaging process by coiling, wrapping, and strapping tubes in a compact form. This significantly simplifies inventory management and space utilization in supply chain logistics, maintaining the quality of the tubing by preventing kinks and twists that could compromise the functionality of the tubes in critical automotive applications.
  3. The medical field often employs PU and PE tubes in a variety of applications, including equipment manufacturing and fluid transport solutions within healthcare facilities. The precise and gentle handling by the Tube Coiler Packing and Strapping Machine ensures that the tubing is free from contamination and deformation. This helps maintain the highest standards of hygiene and functionality essential for medical applications, by providing ready-to-use, securely packed tubing which supports healthcare providers’ operational needs.

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