VCI stretch film for aluminum coil packing

Aluminum coil stretch wrapper,coil wrapping machine
Aluminum coil stretch wrapper,coil wrapping machine by VCI stretch FILM


The picture show the case for aluminum master coil wrapping by through eye coil wrapping machine made in China.


This is automatic kind vci stretch film wrapping for moisture protecting package.




Attached please find the quotation of our horizontal coil wrapping machine ZC200 with VCI stretch film. You can get our machine features and technical data in the quotation clearly. After going through it, please let me know if you have any queries.
Note: Due the minimum ID of coil is 150mm, the packing tape should not be wider than 50mm. Or else, ring with tape storage rollers can not go through the coil ID smoothly.

Regarding the point that in your factory you only have white stretch film, before the acceptance of the offer, as you will understand, we must have the assurance that the machine will work with the blue stretch foil because otherwise we cannot accept the order.

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