Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper

Automatic strapping machine for panel, board, profile packaging.

** Tight, damage-free wrapping. ** Stretch film is automatically applied and tensioned for a close, seamless and secure wrap without tears, holes or slack spots. Proper tension holds loads together for safe handling and transit while preventing impact damage. Multiple wraps at different angles provide the strongest bundling.

** Controlled tension. ** Servo control adjusts and maintains appropriate stretch and tension based on load size and shape. This ensures an optimal wrap that is tight enough to bundle the load securely but not so tight as to damage contents or make unpacking difficult. Controlled tension facilitates safety, efficiency, economy,performance and appearance.

** Minimal material usage. ** Only as much stretch film as needed is automatically applied for ideal wrapping coverage. This helps eliminate excess, reducing material costs and waste management fees. Minimal usage offers financial and environmental benefits.

** Improved safety. ** Manual wrapping poses risks such as injury from strain, pinch points, sharp edges or unstable loads. Automation eliminates these hazards, reducing accidents, injuries, insurance claims, workers’ comp costs and legal issues. A safer work environment supports morale, productivity, quality and brand value.

** Compact yet high capacity. ** Although compact in size, these machines offer large wrapping tables and turntables for high volume. They require little floor space but can wrap a big volume of loads for productivity and cost efficiency. Compact yet high-capacity combines spacious work areas with minimal space usage.

** Reliable, durable design. ** Machines use heavy-duty, industrial components and solid construction for continuous high-volume operation. This provides years of reliable, low-maintenance performance with minimal downtime. Durable components deliver productivity, safety and affordable cost of ownership.

** Summary. ** Automatic horizontal stretch wrappers provide fast, economical and sustainable solutions for bundling loads. Key benefits include fast high-speed continuous wrapping, tight damage-free wrapping, controlled tension, minimal material usage, improved safety, a compact yet high-capacity design, and a reliable durable construction.

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