Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine with Rotary Arm

An automatic pallet wrapping machine with rotary arm is a type of machinery used to wrap pallets with stretch film or other packaging material for storage or transportation purposes. The machine uses a rotary arm to wrap the pallet while it remains stationary, which can be especially useful for wrapping unstable or fragile loads.

The rotary arm is attached to an upright column and rotates around the stationary pallet, wrapping the film around the load as it turns. The film is typically applied in a spiral pattern, with the tension and overlap controlled by the machine’s programmable controls.

Programmable controls: The machine may be controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) or other computer-based system, allowing the user to set wrapping parameters such as wrapping speed, film tension, and wrapping patterns.

Adjustable wrapping height: The machine may be equipped with a height-adjustable turntable or rotary arm, allowing it to accommodate pallets of different sizes.

Safety features: The machine may be equipped with safety sensors or guards to prevent injury or damage to the machine.

Film carriage system: The machine may feature a film carriage system that automatically attaches, cuts, and applies the film to the pallet.

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Our entry-level pallets are packed in a reliable, easy-to-replace manual package, which helps increase load safety and increase productivity, reduce labor and extend film usage. In ideal small to medium sized environments, staff can better serve other tasks, wrapping around packaging trays and the models are simple to function. The worker simply glues the film to the tray and presses the start button to let the machine finish the rest of the job.
Our midsize has more advanced features. These applications are pre-stretched with a series of gear control rollers, so as you pack more trays you can minimize the amount of film while maintaining load integrity. These models also include weight scales and a simple top-level sprinkler.
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