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 Packing machine development--2013-07-08


Along with the fast technical development, the new requirement is pushing packing machinery industry going faster. The wrapping machine is play an key role in transportation. New it is an so fiercely competition in this file, the automatic, multifunction, efficiency packing line is an goal and target to develop for manufacturer.

Now the good manufacturer around the world is USA,JP.ITALIA…The GERMAN machine is the top of the equipment in designed and production. The network is always an trend for development of the packing machinery. The automatic machinery is the star in this market now. the semi auto type wrapping machine, is no the only meet the market perfectly. The network machinery requires well connection with ERP,EMS…

At before, even now,many company focus competition in price. This target is limiting our progress and development. So for an company focus on long tern development, our starting automatic packing line production, such as pipe handling system. pipe bundle strapping system…



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