Steel wire coil wrapping machine and packing machine


This automated wire coil packaging system provides an efficient solution for packing wire coils into boxes for shipping and storage. The machine helps reduce material costs and labor expenses associated with manual coil packing.

The wire coil packing machine consists of a feed conveyor, coil lifting frame, packaging unit and discharge conveyor. Wire coils of various shapes and sizes are fed onto the infeed conveyor which spaces and positions them correctly for packaging.

The coil lifting frame then raises individual coils and positions them above an open box on the packaging unit. The lifting frame lowers the coil into the box, where it is nestled into foam inserts or baffles to secure it in place and prevent movement during transport.

Cardboard, plastic or wooden boxes of different heights, widths and lengths can be used, allowing the machine to pack a range of wire coil sizes. Adjustable foam inserts accommodate coils with varying outer diameters.

After packing, the sealed box of wire coils is discharged onto the outfeed conveyor. An operator verifies that the box is securely packed before transferring the finished coil package to storage.

This automated wire coil packing system streamlines the manual process of packing wire coils into boxes. The lifting frame ensures consistent placement of coils within the boxes while the adjustable inserts provide custom fit packaging for coils of various dimensions. The machine helps reduce material scrap and damage claims by securely packing coils for shipping and storage.

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