Rotate arm stretch wrapper for pallet load

FHOPE is a company that manufactures rotary arm stretch wrappers for palletized loads. These machines use a rotating arm to apply stretch film to the load, while the pallet remains stationary on the turntable. The rotary arm design allows for high-speed wrapping without the need for the pallet to rotate, which can improve efficiency and reduce the risk of load shifting during the wrapping process.

FHOPE’s rotary arm stretch wrappers are designed to be efficient and reliable, with a range of features that help to maximize productivity and reduce film usage. These features include adjustable wrapping tension, adjustable turntable speed, multiple wrapping programs, and automatic film cutting and clamping.

FHOPE’s rotary arm stretch wrappers are suitable for a variety of industries, including logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing. They offer the benefits of automation, with the ability to automatically apply and cut the film, as well as adjust the wrapping tension and speed. The rotary arm design also allows for increased flexibility and control over the wrapping process, as it can be customized to wrap specific pallet sizes and shapes.

Overall, if you need a reliable and efficient way to wrap palletized loads with stretch film using a rotary arm machine, FHOPE’s rotary arm stretch wrappers are a good option to consider. They offer a range of features and customization options to meet the specific needs of your packaging application.

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