Coil wrapping machine

Coil wrapping machine

Coil wrapping machine is an efficient equipment for coil wrapping, and it is an annular stretch packaging machine for eye film wrapping design.

The coil wrapping machine is a specially designed equipment used for wrapping and packaging coiled materials such as wires, cables, hoses, and tubes. The main purpose of a coil wrapping machine is to protect coiled products from damage and environmental exposure during handling, shipping and storage.

A typical coil wrapping machine consists of a turntable where the coil is loaded. An automated wrapping arm then orbits around the coil, applying wrapping material such as stretch film, PVC or kraft paper at a high speed. The wrapping arm can apply just one layer or multiple layers based on the required protection and how secured the coil needs to be. The machine works by rotating the turntable while simultaneously moving the wrapping arm up and down and side to side. This allows for perfect coverage and effective wrapping of materials of various sizes and shapes.

Coil wrapping machines offer efficiency and productivity for high volume wrapping needs. They can wrap up to 60 coils per hour depending on the size. The automated process helps minimize labor cost while achieving consistent, high-quality wrapping results. The tight, secured wrapping also provides good protection for coils during handling and transportation preventing issues such as unwinding, scratching of surfaces and exposure to environmental elements.

Coil wrapping machines are commonly used in various industries such wire and cable manufacturing, steel production, paper mill, textile manufacturing and metal fabrication. They are suitable for applying wrapping to most types of coils and spools. Popular models include automatic orbital stretch wrappers as well as turntable models that can accommodate very large coils up to 6 feet in diameter and 6000 pounds in weight. For the most demanding coil and spool wrapping applications, customized machine designs are also available to suit specific

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