wire packing machine and coil wrapping machine

The coil packing solution for paper, stretch film, PET strap .

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We are providing wire wrapping machine, wire coil wrapping machine, wire coil strapping machine, wire rod coil packing machinery…you can find different type coil packaging solution vary from coil packaging goal.

A Wire Packing Machine and Coil Wrapping Machine are robust, industrial equipment designed to package and protect wire products and coiled materials. The Wire Packing Machine handles the wrapping of wire bundles, securing them with materials like plastic film, woven tape, or paper, depending on the specification. Meanwhile, the Coil Wrapping Machine is tailored for coiled products such as steel or aluminum coils, wrapping them in a spiral manner with stretch film, VCI paper, or other protective layers to safeguard against corrosion, dust, and damage during storage and transport. These machines often feature advanced automation capabilities such as automatic feeders, tension control systems, and cutting mechanisms to ensure efficient, tight, and consistent wrapping.

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  • Type: Automated Wire and Coil Wrapping Machine
  • Compatible Wire/Coil Diameter: 50mm to 800mm
  • Wrapping Material Compatibility: PE, PVC, woven fabric, crepe paper
  • Wrapping Speed: Up to 20 coils per hour
  • Power Requirements: 480V, 60Hz, three phase
  • Machine Dimensions: Length: 3600mm; Width: 1800mm; Height: 2200mm
  • Machine Weight: Approximately 2500kg
  • Control System: PLC with touchscreen display
  • Adjustable Tension Control: Yes, ensures tight and secure wrapping
  • Safety Features: Emergency power-off switch, translucent safety guards


  1. In the steel industry, the Coil Wrapping Machine is vital for the preparation of steel coils for export. The machine tightly secures coils in moisture-resistant and rust-inhibiting materials like VCI paper, ensuring the steel remains pristine during sea freight. These protections prevent rust and physical damage, thereby maintaining the quality of the steel and upholding the manufacturer’s reputation in international markets.

  2. For electrical and telecommunications companies that manage large quantities of cables and wires, the Wire Packing Machine streamlines the process of bundling and protecting wires for storage or shipment. By wrapping wires in durable plastic film, the machine prevents tangling and physical wear while also insulating the wires from moisture and environmental exposure, crucial for maintaining their conductivity and performance.

  3. The machinery is also indispensable in the aluminum industry, where aluminum coils used for automotive and construction purposes are wrapped for storage and transport. The Coil Wrapping Machine applies a protective layer that shields the coils from oxidation and physical damage. This wrapping is particularly crucial for preserving the aesthetic qualities of the aluminum surfaces, essential for visible parts and fittings in construction and automotive applications.

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