Wire coil compactor



Wire coil compactor—http://www.fhopepack.com/Wire-coil-compactor-strapping_machine.html

Continuous wire coil Hydraulic Press Machine


Machinesrequired 12
Working area  
Pressureforce 500t
Table dimensions 2500 mm X 5000 mm
Stroke 500 mm
Ram-plate size 2500 mm X 400 mm
Stroke speed 3 mm/s
Rapid feed 2 mm/min
Measures and weights  
Overall dimensions 1.500 X 2.200 X 3.000 mm
Weight 12t
Machine Equipped with preprogramed forces to have fast work  

Siemens Control



CNC Mill Turn Machines


Machine type Millturn
Work area  
X/Y/Z-axis 600mmX700mmX600mm
Millinghead horizontal 20 – 620 mm
Millinghead vertical 120 – 720 mm
Millinghead horizontal 150 – 550 mm
Millinghead vertical 250 – 450 mm
NC rotarytable  
Milling/turningtable (milling/turning) 50 /1,200 Rpm
Table workingsurface ø 700 mm
  1. tableload
600 Kg
NC-controlled swivelmilling head(B-axis)  
NC-controlledswivelmillinghead (B-axis) Standard
Swivelrange (0 = vert. /180 = horizontal) –30 /+180 degrees
Rapidtraverse and feed 30 Rpm
NC-controlledswivelmillinghead (A-axis) Yes
Rapidtraverse and feed 6000 Rpm
5Xtorque MASTER – NC-controlled B-axis witha gear spindle
Swivelrange (0 = vert. /180 = horizontal) 0 to 180 degrees
Main drive  
Integrated motor spindle HSK-A63 12,000 rpm
Power(40 /100 % DC) 29 /19KW
Torque(40/100% DC) 130 /87 Nm
Toolreception HSK-A63
Toolmagazine 40 /chain
Linear axes(X/Y/Z)  
Feed /rapidtraversespeed 60 m/min
Acceleration 06/06/05 m/s2
Feed force 10 KN
Machine data  
Spacerequirementofthe basicmachine 18.3m2
Machine height 3,058 mm
Machine weight 12,000 Kg
Table options  
RS5 / RS10 multi-pallet APC, including 5 / 10 additional pallets  
Tool holder  
HSK-A63 / BT40 / CAT40 (HSK with the milling / turning machines, FD, standard version)


Automation / Measuring / Monitoring  
Infrared measuring probe: Heidenhain TS640 / Renishaw

PP60 (OMP 60)

Tool measurement in the work area Mfg. Blum Laser NT-Hybrid Yes
Tool magazine has built-in mechanical tool breakage monitor  
4-colour signal lamp  
Coolant medium / chip removal  
Production package cooling device 980 litres, paper band filter and internal coolant supply 40 bar Yes
Coolant tempering for the internal coolant supply unit 980 litres Yes
Rinsing pistol with a pump 1 bar / 40 L/min Yes
External minimum quantity lubrication with the spindle centre positioned over the jets Yes
Oil and emulsion-mist separator Yes
Options Siemens 840D solution line  
Electronic hand wheel Siemens 840D Yes
Control cabinet for the load station Tool magazine Yes
3D-operation, 3D-tool correction with the surface-normal vector Yes
TRANSMIT-Lateral surface transformation (Milling of cylinder tracks)


Comp Cad compressor function for high-speed machining Yes
General options  
Shatterproof safety glass for the viewing glass Yes
Operating mode 4 “Process supervision in production” Yes
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