Full-automatic Copper Coil Wrapping Line

coil packing machine

The track stretching packaging machine is a stretching packaging system that uses vertical rotating rings to wrap products inside. Commonly known as horizontal stretch packaging machines, these systems provide a great solution for packaging long and wide loads. Rail telescopic packaging provides a safe and effective way to stretch packaging wood, doors, windows, pipes, textiles and more.
Rand technology Lange
Fhope is an automatic horizontal ring stretching package, which can be adapted to any application, in which safety, protection, flow efficiency and cost containment are important. It is a very cost saving system that eliminates the expensive labor force and takes the place of smaller systems, such as contraction bundling, tape, bundling and corrugated cartons.
Heavy duty ring bearings provide a simple way to drive and support movie cars.
The patent power TURU conveyor belt carries the product through the packaging area.
The screen door gives a view of the machine operation when it protects the packaging module.
The patent power spin film transmission system. 150% standards and 100-300% are available.
4 ring sizes are available.
Lant Lange track transversely stretching packer
Series 200 packaging speeds up to 3 per minute [series 300 to 15 minutes / min].
The pretension can be from 100% to 300%.
The ring diameter is 40 “, 60”, 75 “, 90”.
The ring diameter is 40 “, 60”, 75 “, 90”.
Electric 460V/30A.
The WulfTEC WWA-200 stretch packer can generate up to 120 load per hour.
WWAW-200 manufactured by WWFTEC provides a substitute for manual packaging production. WWAW-200 is a horizontal stretch packaging system that is safer, stronger and more reliable than any other horizontal stretch package. WWAW-200 is with 3 years of warranty.

The machine works for cutting tool and cnc processing machine
20 “thread free dynamic pretension trolley”
Optional side guide and retainer
Ring bearing drive belt drive with automatic lubrication station
Separation of front-end and end wrapper selectors
Allen Bradley SLC 5 / 03 PLC
The maximum load of 5000 lbs.
RPM based on Ring Size
Electrical 230V/2020A
Maximum diagonal load size 8
Motor 1HP

Full-automatic Copper Coil Wrapping Line

Turntable stretch wrapper B200

The turntable drawing packaging machine can create the safest and more uniform cell load faster than any manual application. These automated wrapper reduces waste and provides a good general purpose wrapper for various packaging applications.
Mir Wood doesn’t just provide a directory device. We combine our internal engineering capabilities and industry knowledge to create ideal solutions to meet the unique needs of every customer. Mir Wood provides two styles of turntable winding machine:
High profile designed for forklift loading
Low profile – special for pallet jack operation
Complete production line of semi-automatic and automatic stretching packing machine
Automatic and semi-automatic stretch packaging, mill Wood can provide you with an ideal solution. The semi-automatic packer provides a balance between easy operation and user control, while fully automated stretch packaging does not require operators.
Semi-automatic turntable: for small batch operation, handling 10 to 40 loads per hour, semi-automatic stretch packaging machine is a potential solution. These packaging safety combinations load and profit margins are inconsistent.
Automatic turntable: in the circulation process, no operator intervention is needed, the automatic drawing machine is guaranteed to keep consistent packing every time. These systems usually handle 100 loads per hour.

Turntable stretch wrapper B200

Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

fhopepack professional semi-automatic stretch packaging machine and automatic tray packaging machine production.
Over thirty years of experience have brought us a full stretchfilm packer. We have completed the revolution of the force swivel arm from the high speed ringwrapper Omega OMEGA mode and model synthesized from the mytho-a model of the rotating platform.
If you are looking for durable equipment to meet your industry needs, check out the Atlanta pull model as our packaging is manufactured and installed to meet the needs of more than 4 customers worldwide in thousands and belongs to every department.
Powerful and effective stretch film machinery has been manufactured to help you and protect your every product.
Eliminating risks, every product you produce is safe and reliable to meet the needs of your customers.
We always tend to say, “The last thing you want to do is put it in a tray, which is the first thing your customers will see.”
So you’d better be the most effective, the most economical and the best way to do it!
In this complex packaging world, Atlanta Stretch is a leader in the industry with its high quality, efficient, professional organization and advanced design, technology and manufacturing methods.
We are proud of our leading companies in the fields of logistics, paper, cardboard and paper towels for food, beverage and multinational corporations as well as an important partner for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
When you choose our automatic packer and tray packer, you will get the durability and reliability of every use.
Semi-automatic packaging machine
In semi-automatic tray packers, the use of film is done by the operator’s supervision and intervention. In fact, the operator must position the tray and attach the film to the tray. The wrappers will then automatically execute the program wrapping cycle, which is ultimately done by the operator or by an optional simple cutting device. At this point, the operator can remove the tray from the packaging position.
Automatic packaging machine
The automatic tray packaging machine does not require operator intervention, whether in the film connection stage or the last cycle, the system tray transport machinery, packaging tray here; machine packaging tray in accordance with the preset operating procedures, or select the automatic feed line . Once the process is complete, the pallet will be sent to the customer at the unloading point or automated warehouse.

Automatic Panel wrapping and Packing Machine

Automatic plate packaging lines include conveyors, plate vacuum elevators, stacker straps, panels, panel or panel packaging machines, shrink machines, tablet presses. This is an automated panel packaging system solution that is designed for automatic online packaging of wood, MDF, PVC sheets …
Sheet packaging line design specifications using vacuum suction cabinet, elevator and cardboard production line outlet connection. The best solution we provide is based on your production and packaging requirements. Make sure your maximum production and packaging speed. Only one worker has all the packaging steps to implement our panel packing line.
Automatic plate packaging lines include conveyors, plate vacuum elevators, stacker straps, panels, panel or panel packaging machines, shrink machines, tablet presses. This is an automated panel packaging system solution that is designed for automatic online packaging of sandwich panels, EPS panels, EPP panels …
The design of the plate packing line is to connect the panel lifter to the outlet of the panel production line by a vacuum suction cup. The best solution we provide is based on your production and packaging requirements. Make sure your maximum production and packaging speed. Only one worker has all the packaging steps to implement our panel packing line.
It is a panel stacker. Automatic stacking board EPS board, sandwich panels and other parts of the rapid and efficient processing methods, parts can be stacked. Even though the stacker handles a large panel, its size is reduced and allows it to be simply laid out with other creative devices.
Our packaging line represents a leapfrog design and assembly of all cardboard packaging machines. The modular structure and efficient machine allow the device to precisely package the accuracy and efficiency of a single bundle in a high-speed pnale package.

Semi-automatic or automatic pallet strapping

Automatic stretch wrapping machines

On the global market,there are many different kinds of pallet strapping machines. The main
difference is semi-automatic or automatic strapping.
That is a big factor about the cost of pallet strapping machine.
If you have only two pallets per day, semi-automatic strapping is your best choice.

In this situation, you only need bring the strapping machine to the pallet, and take the
straps at the proper position of the shoulder strap.
The semi-automatic strapping machine will subsequently tighten the straps around the
Another one,the fully automatic pallet strapper, when you use it, it is only necessary to
bring the goods to the machine, and the machine will automatically fasten the straps at
appropriate positions.
Fully automatic pallet strapping machines can handle very large volumes and fit highly
automated production lines.



Automatic rotary arm wrapping machine

Automatic rotary arm wrapping machine
Automatic rotary arm wrapping machine
Automatic rotary arm wrapping machine

The Revolution designing of the stretch wrapping machine includes a robust and four post as well as fully automatic rotating arm machine. The machine is installed in a conveyor line and doesn’t need operator intervention except for changing the film rolls. It not only greatly increases the yield from a film roll, but also improves the load containment because of using powered rollers to pre-stretch the film before application. There are three modes of the standard range: low and medium as well as high speed, respectively. The high-speed unit can wrap 80 pallets in an hour, which is depended on the number of revolutions of film required.
In order to expand the range, FHP can provide a double-headed option and greatly increases the capacity of the machine. The two wrapping heads are mounted with a unique design on a drop arm, which means “top inside” is still possible. Due to only one film cut grip and weld, the unit is needed as well as a single point of entry to the machine for real changes, the costs are greatly reduced compared to the double arm wrapping systems.
All of the automatic stretch wrapping machine produced by fhope are specially customized according to customer requirements and specifications. You can specify all items of the build which includes the PLC and pneumatic components as well as drive motors and inverts, even the color of both the moving and static parts of the machine. In order to give a dustproof or waterproof, we can apply a top sheet cover during the process of wrapping. The film can be fabricated to protect the tail against the load at the end of the sequence. The film can be “tucked” under previous layers of film to secure the load which is uneven at the side, like sacks.

Automatic turntable pallet wrapping machine

Automatic turntable pallet wrapping machine

Separate top and bottom packing cabinets from 1-9.

Maximum flexibility can be provided in the aspect of your packaging requirements. A single – to three-pack switch is provided by the most competitive model, and your ability to meet customer requirements is limited.

For example, many pallet loads require more than just the top three packages. Many retail customers provide specifications that are needed at the top for four or five revolutions. It’s not supposed to happen, in many competitive modes.

Usually, you need to apply a different amount of film to the top of the load and the bottom. Maybe three top warps are needed, and there’s only one bottom package. It’s also impossible because you’re forced to put the same amount of film at the bottom, as you do on it. If the extra film is used when you don’t need it, your film costs will be greatly increased.

Don’t be limited to your ability to meet the needs of any of your customers. In fhope, we understand the needs of our customers and provide this flexibility.

Available in a variety of packaging modes: packaging or closure, packaging, cycle suspension and re-internal packaging. In order for the customer’s needs to be met, flexibility needs to be increased. The speed of the turntable is speed change. Easy to change is automatic elevation photos, variable load height detection, adjustment slide. The control power switches are membrane load, large e-stop, pause loop, control or lower and turntable. It allows you to know when the stretch film runs out and is a broken film alert. When the roll changes, the carriage is stopped by it while it is moving, and you can be allowed to stay where you left off. When the additional film is needed, more film can be used to reinforce the packaging button in the packaging cycle.

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Online pallet turntable stretch wrapping machine


Automatic  turntable stretch wrapping machine for online palletizing and wrapping.



















The safety and safety of products can be ensured in the transportation process. We achieve the purpose of this process, once the pallet is packaged and the workers need to do something just tear the stretch film off the roll and then leave and drive their car.

Forklift driver will be fpc1 tray is loaded into the machine and the orbit of the fpc2 stretch wrapper is allowed, and the loose end of the stretch film are attached, it is attached in the tray, and then quickly with the hand control, which is to film around the product and tray distributor. The track pack moves quickly to fix the product on the tray, and the entire pallet – product and all products need to be quickly made through thin film packages.