Turntable stretch wrapper B200

The turntable drawing packaging machine can create the safest and more uniform cell load faster than any manual application. These automated wrapper reduces waste and provides a good general purpose wrapper for various packaging applications.
Mir Wood doesn’t just provide a directory device. We combine our internal engineering capabilities and industry knowledge to create ideal solutions to meet the unique needs of every customer. Mir Wood provides two styles of turntable winding machine:
High profile designed for forklift loading
Low profile – special for pallet jack operation
Complete production line of semi-automatic and automatic stretching packing machine
Automatic and semi-automatic stretch packaging, mill Wood can provide you with an ideal solution. The semi-automatic packer provides a balance between easy operation and user control, while fully automated stretch packaging does not require operators.
Semi-automatic turntable: for small batch operation, handling 10 to 40 loads per hour, semi-automatic stretch packaging machine is a potential solution. These packaging safety combinations load and profit margins are inconsistent.
Automatic turntable: in the circulation process, no operator intervention is needed, the automatic drawing machine is guaranteed to keep consistent packing every time. These systems usually handle 100 loads per hour.

Turntable stretch wrapper B200

Automatic pallet wrapping machine and stretch wrapper

Fhope has a series of market leading semi-automatic pallet and pallet packaging consumables. Whether you need small or high pallets, light weight goods, strange shapes and sizes, we have models that are suitable for your needs.
Our entry – level tray wrapping paper is reliable and simple to replace manual packing, which helps to increase load safety and increase productivity, reduce labor and expand the use of films. In an ideal small to medium environment, workers can perform other tasks better around the pallet windings, which have simple functions. The employees just paste the film onto the tray, press the start button, and the rest is done by the machine.
Our medium size models have more advanced functions. The film is stretched by a series of gear controlled rollers in advance to accommodate more pallets, thus minimizing the membrane load while maintaining the load integrity. These models can also include weight scales and simple top smears.
The most important machine for our partners is designed for solid environment, including brick, aluminum, outdoor use and fast-paced warehouse and distribution facilities.
Fhope series products have long service life, because of their ergonomic design control, making it the most friendly operator series in the world.
The ISO standard of Fhope and Fope winding machine is safe and durable.

Automatic pallet wrapping machine and stretch wrapper

Automatic & Vertical Pallet Wrapper for Multipurpose Use

Machine Options For Consideration
Here are some typical options you can consider for your Stretch Film Wrapping Equipment. Be sure to
consult with a qualified sales representative for any specific application questions.
Pre-Stretch Film Carriage: Pre-stretches the film from 50% to 300% before it is applied to your load.
You achieve a tighter wrap using less film. Film savings are significant compared to manual wrapping.
Ramp: Used to load product on a low profile machine with a hand pallet jack truck.
Ramp Extension: Required with longer electric power jacks and extended fork length.
Scale Package: Increased through-put is possible with a scale integrated into the stretch wrapper.
Dual Turntable: This option provides two turntables, using a common tower and film carriage. This
allows you to wrap one load while unloading/loading product on the other turntable, dramatically
increasing speed and efficiency during peak periods.
Auto Film Cutter: Cuts the film automatically after your load has finished wrapping.
Increased Tower Height: Enables wrapping of higher than standard pallets.
Base Extension: If you are wrapping a very large pallet, then a base extension is required to move the
turntable further away from the mast and carriage. This larger radius prevents the load from hitting the
film carriage tower. The rotary arm machine is an alternative solution.
30” Film Carriage: This option changes the standard film roll post from 20″ to 30″, allowing you to use
30″ film for wrapping as well as 20″ film. The 30″ film is used to increase the production speeds or
provide additional wrap coverage.
Top Platen: Top platens are used to hold cartons or other products together while the pallet is rotating


Automatic & Vertical Pallet Wrapper for Multipurpose Use



Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Our most popular revolving arm stretches wrapper – cantilever frame
The concept of the machine keeps the load packed and fixed, while the stretching film carriage is used to rotate the film around the load. The stretching package of the revolving arm is a perfect solution (very high, too heavy, too light) or in a flushing environment when the load is very unstable.
This system is suitable for any package application, especially in packaging applications, which does not need to pack light or unstable load or speed. Otherwise, it will cause load overturn and provide all functions as a standard because of high speed. Including those unavailable (or upcharge) competition models.
Complete packaging flexibility, including 3 packaging cycles, enhanced packaging and pause capability, keyboard control panel variable speed drive.
It can be selected from multiple package modes:
Including package up and down package, cycle pause and reimplement package. Just to give you more flexibility to meet the customer’s needs.

The independent 1-9 top and bottom packing counts provide up to 15% of the film savings. It applies only to the top of the tensile membrane, the competitive model relative to the bottom, applicable to the ordinary top, no matter how much it takes.
The separation of upper and lower transport speeds eliminates the time and waste of tensile membrane applications and the competitors’ common speed control. (up to 10%).
The advantages of standard
Bearing support and driving system.
Can be installed in (3) installation – wall mounted, floor installation and free standing in Longmen.
Phoenix film sav-r offers an accurate number of packages and the family status of the revolving arm.
The variable speed driver controls the maximum flexibility of all motors.
The electronic tension membrane control using an analog electronic sensor provides a final feedback control.
NEMA12 control box.
The automatic load height sensing photoeye is installed in the tensile membrane transport of the adjustable track.
The warranty period for this winding system is 5 years.
To ensure that the pretension ratio of the living pretension roll is 245%.
Please read all our terms and conditions carefully.

Semi-automatic or automatic pallet strapping

Automatic stretch wrapping machines

On the global market,there are many different kinds of pallet strapping machines. The main
difference is semi-automatic or automatic strapping.
That is a big factor about the cost of pallet strapping machine.
If you have only two pallets per day, semi-automatic strapping is your best choice.

In this situation, you only need bring the strapping machine to the pallet, and take the
straps at the proper position of the shoulder strap.
The semi-automatic strapping machine will subsequently tighten the straps around the
Another one,the fully automatic pallet strapper, when you use it, it is only necessary to
bring the goods to the machine, and the machine will automatically fasten the straps at
appropriate positions.
Fully automatic pallet strapping machines can handle very large volumes and fit highly
automated production lines.



pallet wrapping system

m type pallet wrapper

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R-Connect is a powerful, plug & play and user-friendly system and its major advantage is total “peace of mind”. This wrapping system can verify the production performance and optimize all management costs and give you an absolute tranquility about the machine operation. In fact, the system can maximum limit to reduce packing machine downtime and better manage maintenance operation as well as supply instant troubleshooting steps, until finished the management software of the machine about the full and remote upgrade.

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You can install the device on the wrapping machine directly or at a later stage. In fact, Robwrap machines have been installed a special gateway. All the information can be sent in real time and stored in the cloud by our machines, and you can accesse the statistics through a simple internet connection from any device, such as a PC and tablet, smartphone and so on.

In short, the main goals of using K-Connect are as follows: 1. to optimize the production by evaluating the performance of the machine and parameter as well as production verification; 2. To analyze the data through the system of integrated management system and arrange maintenance through statistical monitoring with the selection of program and modifying the packaging cycles; 3. To provide quick solutions for problems, even preventative, through sending signals to dealers or directly to new technicians through the machine for fast and accurate diagnostics and provide remote or on-site interventions to, thereby significantly reducing machine downtime.

The system not only forms part of the industry’s 4.0 technologies but also enables Fope wrap to better realize the use of its pallet wrapping machines, which provides useful information for the continuous development of its technologies to completely respond the user’s actual needs and meet their requirements.

Automatic turntable pallet wrapping machine

Automatic turntable pallet wrapping machine

Separate top and bottom packing cabinets from 1-9.

Maximum flexibility can be provided in the aspect of your packaging requirements. A single – to three-pack switch is provided by the most competitive model, and your ability to meet customer requirements is limited.

For example, many pallet loads require more than just the top three packages. Many retail customers provide specifications that are needed at the top for four or five revolutions. It’s not supposed to happen, in many competitive modes.

Usually, you need to apply a different amount of film to the top of the load and the bottom. Maybe three top warps are needed, and there’s only one bottom package. It’s also impossible because you’re forced to put the same amount of film at the bottom, as you do on it. If the extra film is used when you don’t need it, your film costs will be greatly increased.

Don’t be limited to your ability to meet the needs of any of your customers. In fhope, we understand the needs of our customers and provide this flexibility.

Available in a variety of packaging modes: packaging or closure, packaging, cycle suspension and re-internal packaging. In order for the customer’s needs to be met, flexibility needs to be increased. The speed of the turntable is speed change. Easy to change is automatic elevation photos, variable load height detection, adjustment slide. The control power switches are membrane load, large e-stop, pause loop, control or lower and turntable. It allows you to know when the stretch film runs out and is a broken film alert. When the roll changes, the carriage is stopped by it while it is moving, and you can be allowed to stay where you left off. When the additional film is needed, more film can be used to reinforce the packaging button in the packaging cycle.

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pallet wrapping and machine film requirement

PET Strap

length(m)width(mm)thickness(mm)Breaking Strain price (kg) weight(n/w) weight(g/w)     NO

600120.6smooth/clear320kg                                                 50

600120.6embossed /clear320kg                                                                             50

2,400,120.6smooth/clear320kg                                                               50

2,400,120.6embossed /clear320kg                                                               50

1200160.9embossed/clear620kg                                                                              50

1200160.9smooth/clear620kg                                                               50

2500120.9embossed/clear2900N                                                               50

900191smooth/clear820kg                                                               50

900191embossed/clear820kg                                                               50

600251embossed /clear967kg                                                              25


PP Strap

length(m)width(mm)thickness(mm) Type/color Breaking Strain price (kg) weight(n/w) weight(g/w) NO

3000120.63bule machine130                                                               50

3000120.63black machine130                                                50

3000120.63clear machine130                                                50

1000120.8bule hand130                                                50

1000150.8bule hand130                                                              50

1000190.8blue  hand270                                                              50




Stretch Film

1  STRETCH WRAP BUNDLE FILM NATURAL 100mm*250m*20um- ,COLOUR: Natural-Clear transparentno-500

2  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP   500mm*500m*20um  , COLOUR: Natural-Clear        transparentno 50

3  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP  500mm*500m*23um , COLOUR: Natural-Clear-transparentno50

4  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP , 500mm*500m*25um , COLOUR: Natural-Cleartransparentno 50

5 Powerwrap UV Hand 25 500mm x 380m  clear-no50

6 Powerwrap UV Machine 30 500mm x 1000m     clearno 50

PowerWrap Machine 20 500mm x 1600m                           Clear no50

PowerWrap Machine 23 500mm x 1400m               clear no50

PowerWrap Machine 25 500mm x 1300m              clearno50

Machine Film 25 500mm x 1200m                              blackno50

Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 1780m x 20um               clearno50

Machine Wrap – 500mm x 1125m x 25um              clearno50

Machine Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 1420m x 23umclearno50

Machine Film – 500mm x 2400m                             clearno50

Security Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 375m x 25um blackno50

Security Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 300m x 20um blackno50Packing Tape

Model No.Product NamePhotoDescriptionColorPackagingMOQFactory price

1. Material: BOPP Width: 48mm Length: 160m/roll      clear500 rolls

2. Material: BOPP  Width: 48mm  Length: 75m/roll            clear                             -500 rolls

Highly-efficient Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine

The lowest price machine in our tmd-p26b range. The objective is to provide a machine that will increase productivity and quality / safety of the load, but at the budgeted price. Package settings and speed on the p26b are all pre-set levels, but for most customers will find satisfaction. If you need more control over the amount of membrane machine applicable to pallets, we would recommend exp-403 or exp-303. With a membrane mount opposite the control panel that allows the smallest possible footprint, the exp-403 is our brand new entry-level high-end machine. Although the price is low, the operator fully controls how many sets of packaging are placed at the top and bottom of the tray, allowing you to fully control how much film is used on the tray, which will remind you of a higher cost machine. Excellent architectural quality, durability and user friendliness. The exp-403 will be one of our biggest sales machines, and tmd-p26p is loosely based on our old but successful exp-106. The manufacturer has updated the machine to meet current H and S requirements and has created a budget package that can still provide low film usage and high quality load stability. The p26p is still using many of the same parts as our semi automated machine like factories.The new exp-133 is our top semi automation machine with industry-leading programmability. It features 5 separate packaging procedures, password protection, to ensure that you apply each of the maximum security and minimum cost of each pallet to the exact amount of film. So advanced, you can even set the degree of tension at different stages of the cycle; an excellent feature for unstable loads or sharp corners. Nevertheless, the machine is still very easy to program.

Highly-efficient Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine