Automatic coiling machine for hose and cable

Coiling machine technical requirements

Configuration: active pay-off unit, accumulator + dancer, coiling machine, storage conveyer (accumulation conveyor)

Requirements to active pay-off:
1)Pay-off drum: Ø630-1400 mm
2)Drum’s width (barrel length): 450-1000 (1200) mm
3)Drum’s weight: мах 3000 kg

Requirements to accumulator + dancer:
1)Volume: not less than 60 meters
2)Controlled tension: 5-30 kg
3)grooves on pulleys (rollers) for cable diameter: 2-25 mm

Requirements to coiling machine:
1)Inner diameter of coil: 150-250 mm – changeable.
2)Max. outer diameter of coil: 450 mm.
3)Coil height: 35-300 mm – changeable.
4)Coil’s weight: to 50 kg.
5)Cable diameter: 2-20 mm.
6)Coil winging speed: мах 200 m/min
7)Capacity: max. 2 coils per minute.
8)Cutting knife should cut cable with the total cross-section 30 mm2 (copper) without any problems.
9)Function – winding of the coil with stretch film or stripping with PP tape should be provide in the machine.
10)There must be a shrink oven in the line.
11)The storage conveyor should place 10 coils (not less) in a staggered arrangement.


The stretch orbital machine is able do full size coil packing too.

Numerical Control& Automated Cable ,Hose Coiling Machine I

In the Fhope pipe automatic coiling department, specializing in the production of automatic tube and hose coiling system. Winding machine. Winding and strapping systems are used for a wide range of plastic pipes. Our solution can be used instead of manual or semi-automatic take-up. Through the automatic take-up system, we help customers reduce labor costs and increase extrusion speed. It is easy to work in take-up and handling. In addition, we are designing different solutions for a wide range of coiler windings and crimp free standing coils. The company also produces film roll diameter automatic packaging line. The coiling machine and automatic reeling machine we have binding characteristics of different distance. In some cases, it can be designed for special packaging and conversion of offline processing purposes, coil configurations and packaging materials…

We offer a wide range of winding machine solutions for your products. We also provide automatic coiling and strapping machine. Automatic reel strapping machine conforms to the CE guidelines, and using the latest technology and industrial design standard design.

The fhopepack provides packaging solutions for the tube industry. Our commitment to the industry has led to the development of innovative, cost effective products to address loose and irregular packaging issues. Our sales, equipment services, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the best protection packaging system for your application.

This is an automatic pipe winding solution for connecting your extruder to reduce the labor which able to managing your production by one people. The automatic hose coiling and strapping machine for your PE, PVC, HDPE…

Numerical Control& Automated Cable ,Hose Coiling Machine I

Automatic hose coiling machine and strapping machinery

We are the largest PVC hose manufacturer in Portugal and we are looking for an Automatic hose/pipe coiling machine & strapping machine.
We need it to make coils of 15m, 25m, 30m and 50m and diameters of 5/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″

Could you please send me quotation for such a machine ?


Automatic cable strapping machine
Automatic cable strapping machine

After series of emails written by my boss and due to the current business issues he is currently on a business trip in Europe,I have been mandated to issue you this PO on the believe you have corresponded with my boss before now,like you know in the attached PO we have our own specification and modification which we will like you to follow please kindly note that in the hose coiling machine production process.

Please download the machine quotation below.

How are you my friend?
There are the size of the :

The thickness 2 cm to 10 cm
Width 20 cm to 100 cm
Length 20 cm to 200 cm


The thickness 10 cm to 150cm
Width 10 cm to 150 cm
Length 40 cm to 450cm

There is my whatsapp:002136751240163
Please my freind I wait your answer as soon possible


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper  in Fhope with strapping solution along with the conveyor.

Automatic hose coiling machine for hydraulic hose

To give you a background about our company and why we are looking at automatic coiling and packing machines; We are a hydraulic and industrial hose & fittings importer and wholesaler.

The hose we would mainly be using the machine for is hydraulic rubber hose reinforced with 1 – 6 high tensile steel wires, with the most common sizes ranging in OD from 13.00mm to approx. 50.00mm.

Our hose is imported in random lengths and we are looking to store the hose on dispensing racks and coil the hose off the dispensing racks to our customers requirement.

One example of a dispensing rack is as below.


Based on you table, I have selected a range of hoses we would be dispensing – however there are a much larger range of hoses to dispense;

Hose No. Hose OD Wall thickness How many meter per coil Hose coil OD Hose coil ID Hose coil width Coiling Speed
1  13.00mm  3.50 – 5.00  10 – 100+  250-300mm  100-200mm N/A – can be manual with a handle
2  35.3 – 38.30mm     5.00 – 7.00     10 – 80+  300-500mm  200-300mm N/A – can be manual with a handle
3  +- 70mm  8-10mm  3 – 20  700-1100mm  300mm + N/A – can be manual with a handle. May need to be separate equipment


Trust this all makes sense – look forward to your response.


Coil strapping machine with coiling equipment


automatic pipe hose coil coiler and winder

automatic pipe coiling machine
Solution for automatic pipe hose coil coiler and winder
It is pity didn’t met you at factory visiting. Because of i am back home for my new born girl.
Alfred had told me your requirment in detail.
Please check the quotation attached for the automatic hose coiling, strapping, shrink wrapping machine solution by one operator only.
Video will be send by next email.

I am trying to finalize my schedule for the last few days of my travels within China, and Shanghai area.

Please confirm that Monday, June 20, around 9:00 a.m. is a good day and time for you.

I have other appointments that I also need to finalize so your soonest reply is appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting you and seeing your products!



coil packing machine and hose coiling machine

I’m sending you the answers you kindly asked about our product:

1.- We process steel coils from master coils (we are a service center)
2.- Our range of dimensions are
ID: 508mm & 610mm
OD: from 700mm and up to 1830mm
Width: 31.75mm and up to 1524mm
3.- We currently use VCI reinforced paper (PP) but open for discussion of alternative materials (VCI film)

Hope to hear from you soon.

We are producing flexible pvc hoses ( garden, pulverizatör… etc)
We are looking for automatic coiling and strapping machine.
I have found your information on the internet.
Could you please give me more details about your machine and its price?
Do you have any machine that is able to coil bigger size of hoses?
Do you have any distributor in Turkey?

Automatic hose coiling machine and pipe coiler

automatic coiler and strapping mcahine
Automatic hose coiling machine and pipe coiler

We are Spanish company, we are interested by automatic Shrinking machine with a quick film loading system like your model Board shrinking machine for Aluminum profile,….

the maximum packing size (mm) (L x W X H) is 6500 X 400 X 300 .

Can you send information and quotation ?


when the machine wrappe a copiers and reach to top , it stop beacuse it is done
But I want the top of the copier also be wrapped.
Do you already has a machine which does that? or need to develop one?


I represent pipe coiler Technologies in U.S.A. We produce many types of plastic ducts and hoses. We are interested in packing some of our product using this packing method. Please provide pricing and delivery for your FPH 300, FPH 400 and FPH 500 packing machines. Please be aware I do not plan an immediate order of a packing machine. I am only in planning phase of this project. The actual purpose of a orbital stretch wrapper packing machine will not be until 2nd half of this year.

automatic hose coil stretch wrapper and packaging line


automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,


More information:

We need PE pipe coil wrapping machine for our irrigation pipe coils.

Our dimentions are as follows,

ID : 400 450

OD: 725 -950mm

Width : 180 400mm

Pleas offer us suitable machine both horizontal and vertical type.

Our wrapping materials are Strech films and black PE films for hose package

Thanks for your reply. I have two questions:

1.Is this the best price you can offer ?

2. And if we choose to buy it, can we have a performance / bank guarantee for one year ?

It looks interesting to us. In order to look into the buying possibility, please let me know the following:

-complete specifications

-the space required

-operation details



Please find the requirement of “Motorized Pipe Wrapping Machine”, as per the below details.

Pipe Wrapping Machine – Heavy Duty,

Motor operated – Heavy duty

Pipe Length – 12 Mtr

Pipe Dia. – 400mm – 1600mm

Details of Wrapping material to be used:

  • Tape Width – 150 mm
  • 50/150 (inner wrap), OW 200 (outer wrap) & primer B400 using 25mm overlap on mainline coating & 50% overlap on either end of the pipe.
  • Thickness of protective coating must be not less than 1.65mm.
  • Orbital stretch wrapper Machine shall carry out the coating free of rucks caused by uneven or loose tension and shall not be stretched in such a way that the tape width is appreciably decreased due to excessive tension.