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Automating Coil Packaging line with strapping machines


Steel Coil strapping & packing line | For Cold roll steel


This is a big coil wrapping machine which works for mother coil upto 35T.

The machine can be designed for offline or online operation.


Wrapping station movement for different coil wrapping
⚫ Precise positioning in wrapping station and packing material stop point.
⚫ 6 block roller wrapping stations
⚫ PLC & HMI are adopted interface operation.
⚫ Orbital wrapping system.
⚫ Shutter cross the ID of coil packing.
⚫ Wrapping machine automatic right and left positioning for packaging.
⚫ Manual and automatic working mode can be choosing.
⚫ The converter is adopted to adjust the overlap of the packing tape according to
⚫ Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. width & corrected parameter of coiled metal. Other
parameters will be set automatically.

The packing system designed for aluminum coim, wire rod, steel co

A cold roll steel coil packing line is a type of packaging equipment designed to wrap and secure cold roll steel coils for storage and transportation. The machine is capable of wrapping mother coils up to 35T and can be designed for offline or online operation, depending on the needs of the business.

The machine typically consists of a wrapping station, a packing material stop point, 6 block roller wrapping stations, a PLC and HMI interface, an orbital wrapping system, and a shutter that crosses the ID of the coil packing. The wrapping machine has automatic right and left positioning for packaging and can operate in both manual and automatic working modes.

The converter is used to adjust the overlap of the packing tape according to the requirement, which ensures that the wrapping is precise and consistent. The machine also has a simple operation by inputting the OD, ID, width, and corrected parameter of the coiled metal, and other parameters will be set automatically.

The packing system is designed to work with different types of materials, including aluminum coil, wire rod, and steel coil. The machine can be customized to accommodate different coil sizes and types, and can be designed for both stationary and mobile applications.

One advantage of using a cold roll steel coil packing line is that it can improve the efficiency and safety of the packaging process. By automating the wrapping and securing process, businesses can reduce the amount of time and labor required to package each coil manually. Additionally, the wrapping provides a secure layer that helps to prevent damage to the coil during storage and transportation.

Overall, a cold roll steel coil packing line can be a valuable investment for businesses that need to package steel coils on a regular basis. By improving efficiency, reducing labor costs, and ensuring that each coil is properly protected, these machines can help to improve the overall productivity and profitability of the business.

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