online pipe bundle making and strapping machine
Online type pvc pipe bundle making machine and pipe bundle strapping machinery. It is able online connects to plastic pipe extruder.

  • Bundle maker – Forms the pipes into the desired bundle configuration by arranging and clamping them together. Pipes of different sizes can be accommodated.
  • Inline operation – The bundling processis done continuously as pipes are fed into the machine from an upstream production line. This provides high efficiency.
  • Strapping unit – Applies steel or plastic strapsaround the bundled pipes to secure them together for shipping and handling.
  • Auto strap alignment – Automatically aligns the straps for even tensionand a professional appearance.
  • Strap tensioning – Maintains the proper tension on the straps to ensure a secure bundle. The tension can be adjusted for different applications.
  • Strap cutting – Uses a blade to cut the straps to the required length after tensioning.
  • Strap joint sealing – Seals the joint where the two strap ends meet using a heater, crimper or welder to prevent loosening.
  • Programmable logic controller- Coordinates all the functions of the machine for automated and precise operation.
  • Safety guards – Cover moving parts like the strapping unitfor operator protection. Interlocks stop the machine when guards are open.
  • Easy operation – Control panelallows operators to quickly set parameters for different pipe sizes and bundle configurations.

The key benefits are high bundling efficiency, secure packaging of the pipes using straps, and a neatly finished professional appearance of the pipe bundles. The automated and inline design provides consistency and reliability for continuous production.

It helps your counting and bundling automatic.

Pipe bundle strapping machines can be customized to accommodate different strapping materials:

• Plastic straps: Plastic straps like polypropylene, polyester and nylon are also used for bundling pipes. The machine requires plastic-compatible strapping heads and tensioners.

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