Full-automatic Coiling Machine for Thick Hose

In the Fhope pipe automatic coiling department, specializing in the production of automatic tube and hose coiling system. The winding and strapping system is suitable for all kinds of plastic pipes, hoses, pipes and pipes. Our solution can be used instead of manual or semi-automatic take-up. Through the automatic take-up system, we help customers reduce labor costs and increase extrusion speed. It is easy to work in take-up and handling. In addition, we are designing different solutions for a wide range of coiler windings and crimp free standing coils. The company also produces film roll diameter automatic packaging line. The coiling machine and automatic reeling machine we have binding characteristics of different distance. In some cases, it can be designed for special packaging and conversion of offline processing purposes, coil configurations and packaging materials… This is your connection to the extruder can reduce labor, production of automatic reeling solution of your management by one person. Automatic strapping and bundling machine for polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and high-density polyethylene hose… Automatic winding machine, strapping machine from fhopepack. We provide all kinds of winding machine solutions for your production, and also provide automatic winding and strapping machine. Automatic reel strapping machine conforms to the CE guidelines, and using the latest technology and industrial design standard design. The fhopepack provides packaging solutions for the tube industry. Our commitment to the industry has led to the development of innovative, cost effective products to address loose and irregular packaging issues. Our sales, equipment services, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the best protection packaging system for your application. It is the calculation of pipe length, pipe cutting, pipe, pipe fixed ring, strapping coil, automatic moving coil winding equipment. The graphics can be set up in the PLC control program.

Full-automatic  Coiling Machine for Thick Hose

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