automatic pipe coiler and coiling machine

Automatic pipe coiler and coiling machinery.


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    2. portable pallet wrapper1. Wrapping Mode:Ring speed& & range 0^ÿ60HZ;Support roller speed& & range 0^ÿ60HZ
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    3. 4V230C-08-DC24V Large friction wheel JL-H-M-D Factory standard
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    2. used stretch wrapper Functions: The machine is specialized for horizontal shapes such as pipe tube or bar0Floor board, the wrapped package is well-protected & sealed & looks more tidy.
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    2. fully automatic machine PLC can cut down packing tape automaticly.This parameter should be modify as specific element,such as diamension of object,Stretching coefficient of packing tape& Ring Location Time Range 0~20
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    3. Note: After  Ring Speed and  Superposition set,  Roller speed wills automatic generation. Therefore  Roller speed is just a display number.  Twist degree :  1 means packing finished once.
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    2. Fhope stretch wrap machine  It is our own mission to be a leading force in the South eastern United States as well as International Areas by attempting to expand our markets, maintain a leadership role in existing ones and also to provide an revived workplace for each and every of our workers.
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    2. use pallet wrap The foil is braked by an electro-magnetic brake, not just a mechanical braking system.
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    2. film wrapper machine2. Ability to make computations such as discount rates, freight estimations, dimensional bodyweight, invoices, as well as percentages.

Our devices have a relationship for 230 v instead of the 380 volts, which is usual. Therefore the machine can be used nearly anywhere. The machine has fork holes at the front and back, which makes it transportable.

IIÿ Important Alert;I. Abuse will lead to serious result.;II. Do have the machine grounded.

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