Automatic Cable Coiling Machine

An automatic cable coiling machine is a type of machine that is used to automatically coil cables, wires, and other flexible materials. This machine is commonly used in industrial settings where large quantities of cables need to be coiled and packaged efficiently.

Here are some of the key features of an automatic cable coiling machine:

Automatic coiling: The machine automatically coils the cables, saving time and reducing labor costs as it eliminates the need for manual coiling.

Adjustable coiling speed: The coiling speed can be adjusted based on the diameter and length of the cable being coiled.

Adjustable coiling tension: The coiling tension can be adjusted to ensure that the cable is coiled tightly and securely.

Automatic packing: The machine can be equipped with an automatic packing system that packs the coiled cable into bags or boxes, making it easier for transportation and storage.

Programmable: The machine can be programmed to coil cables of different sizes and lengths, with customizable coiling patterns and packing options.

Easy to operate: The machine is designed to be user-friendly, with touch screen controls and simple maintenance requirements.

The winding device is suitable for cable factories, power supply stations, wholesalers and retailers. The manufacturing unit is used for winding lengths of cables, ropes, hoses, etc., and can also be used as standard storage drums.ust provide the following information, and we will calculate and present the best solution for the application you need.The full featured manual thread winding machine is designed for wholesalers of medium-sized electrical equipment. This machine is ideal for uncoiling, small length drums from 300 meters will also be accepted for use in the mobile communications industry. The machine can coil any type of flexible pipe, rope, hose, etc coil.Lifting or feeding end is equipped with quick lifting drum Jack to ensure the rapid loading and unloading of the cylinder. The center is a cable measuring instrument for measuring cables of up to 100 mm in diameter. The take-up terminal can produce a cable coil or can be changed into an empty barrel of various sizes.

Automatic Cable Coiling Machine

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