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Dear Vincent

This is Pornthip, colleagues of Charmy, we thanks for your appointment, will confirm the date again.

As per information that you require, please kindly check the comment as below table, in yellow highlight.

Looking forward for your reply soon.

Best Regards,

From: info
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 9:57 PM
To: Chunmiao Lin

Subject: Re: 回复:Reminder: packing Automatic line

Hello Charmy,

There is a aluminum packing line ready for shipping, welcome to visit our factory.

12-14th July is OK.





发件人: Chunmiao Lin

发送时间: 2016-06-28 21:33:42

收件人: info

主题: 回复:Reminder: packing Automatic line

Dear Vincent,

We would like to visit your factory during 12-14th July , please kindly check and confirm back to me .



—————— 原始邮件 ——————


发送时间: 2016年6月28日 21:15

主题: Reminder: packing Automatic line


Reminder :

Still waiting for your information reply.


Dear Sir,

Glad to receive your inquiry.

Inside of video, it is our automatic aluminum packing line including: Strapping, wrapping, bundling, packaging…

For offering a firm price, following information required.

Profile No.
Profiles Info
Extruding speed
(How mayn pcs per hour)
Layer Info
(How many pcs per layer)
Bundle Info
(How many layers per one bundle)
Weight of bundle

55 CM /5 pcs

50 CM /5 pcs

40 CM /5 pcs

50 CM /5 pcs

50 CM /5 pcs

48 CM /8 pcs

Profiles info: The size of profile/profiles infeeding on strapping station.

Layer info: The size of profiles in bundle making.

Any question, feel free contact with me for further information.

You can call me or contact with me by M:0086-15021705930 (whatapp)






发件人: Chunmiao Lin

发送时间: 2016-06-25 16:59:36

收件人: info; Vincent


主题: packing Automatic line

Dear Sir,

This is charmy from Goldstar metal , a aluminium extruder in Thailand, Now we are looking for the automatic packing line same as YouTube link. , please kindly check and send me your specification and quotation in FOB or CIF bangkok price.


  1. 概述

客户需要全自动包装线,仅要求有一名工人load tube,后续全面自动化,以降低人工成本。


  1. 设备需求

Tube coiling (如下图,请发视频给客户)

Tube coil strapping (不是圆环式捆扎,而是全覆盖式捆扎。)


Heat shrink packaging (备选,客户已经有一台shrink packager,客户希望我们选项报价,有可能采购)

  1. 发一份USA客户列表给客户
  2. 客户反复强调因为PU产品质地比较软,需要注意coiling和strapping 的拉力和束紧力,防止产品受损。
  3. 不需要onsite commissioning/training报价,产品接近完工时与客户联系,客户到厂验收。
  4. 注明交货期
  5. 做一份完整系统方案给客户
  6. 此客户质地不错,若此单满意,后期会有其他订单。(the second, the third…客户原话)



Automatic stretch film wrapping machine

Pallet wrapping machine
Pallet wrapping machine


(Fhope Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd.)

We are factory from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We are looking for Pallet Wrapping Machine and stretch film. Therefore, please send us the complete details of different type, loading capacity, loading size and speed of the machines with the functions and technical specifications and price lists.

If possible, please also send us the videos or the video link of each machines so that we can see the functions of each machines.

stretch film and wrapping material for pallet covering

stretch wrap film
stretch wrapping film, LLDPE film

Various stretch films are available from market today for pallet wrapping, bundle strapping, it works for covering diverse packages and and load. There is an important use of stretch films. It is to wrap pallets from top to bottom of stacked bag, box, bottles… In the stretch wrapping processes, a load is wrapped with several layers stretch film. The overlap substantial width and many kinds stretch wrapping techniques for doing film covering per packaging requirement.

The stretch film used for packing requirement is capable of holding the package and by maintaining the wrap film under good tension. It is passed around a wrap pallet.  Not only does the stretch wrap film adhesive to four sides of the load, but also remains under tension by shrink. It is tightly shrink the package against one another by overraping film on load. The shape corn is not good for stretch wrap film. For avoid this problem,the machine or applicator must be adjust the tension control in applying when covering such corners.

There are different color of the stretch films, such as transparent, black, blue. Or the printing logo on the surface.




Board packing machine manufacutrer

d Packing Machine
board packing machine & wrapping machine

board packing machine & shrinking machine

Board Stretch Wrapping Machine

Automatic Board Shrinking Machine

automatic board packing line

 Automatic Board Stacking and shrinking line

Automatic Board Packaging Line
At your request, attached please find a quotation of our top sheet dispenser. Please get machine features and technical data in the quotation accordingly.
Please also find a drawing attached for your reference.
Noted: This top sheet dispenser is integrated with a rotary arm wrapping machine.
For additional information, please feel free to contact us for anything.
Even if I agree with you, our management do not allow it. I totally understand your concerns after seeing the board wrapping line operation at our factory last time. Honestly, it was still at initial testing stage at that time. Currently, our electrical engineer has already tested the whole line and it runs smoothly. Some part like bundle stacker can not work continuously with the front line due to facility height problem. But we have still tested this part with master bundle wrapping machine separately, there is no running problem at all and the wrapping effect is pretty good.
To remove your worries, we warmly welcome you to come to see machine running again. If you have any requirements or concerns, we can make modifications accordingly till you are satisfied.

I hope that we can come to a suitable arrangement but at this stage we would be prepared to forfeit the monies already paid and walk away rather than pay 90% before completion as we have lost all confidence in the quality we have seen so far from our other dealings with the Chinese company.

Unfortunately on our visit to your facility the main board wrapping line was also not functioning effectively which has also left us slightly concerned.

I understand you have sent videos showing the line in operation and we appreciate this, hope it shows the lines capacity to run continuously without fault.

We do apologise for the inconvenience but we must act in the best interests of our company to ensure we receive a product that functions as desired.



board and Panel stacking and packing line
board and Panel stacking and packing line

1. 客户现场是否能挖地坑?他说地坑效率高,想让客户挖地坑

——–现场不具备挖坑条件, 4.0×1.2x(1.5-2.4)m 坑太深,太大。


2. 宽度是1.2米,是否还有其它宽度?


3. 一整托必须是一个尺寸


4. 收缩可能会变形,问客户可接受的收缩的程度,最差是什么样子的,最好客户拍照过来, 看看客户现在的收缩效果是什么样子的 尤其是长度4米宽200/500mm 以及客户现在收缩设定的温度是多少,余厂要做参考。

目前用收缩机收收缩的效果,不变形,包装材料厚40microm, 温度在120-140度。



5. 叉车上料时和后堆垛完成后,客户都是如何操作的,可发视频和图片,关键他想知道是否带托盘




6. 叉车的中心距是多少

—– 待确认


7. 以后非标的机子 预付款得50%


8. 堆垛小物体长600mm时速度20秒每个 这个怎么计算出来的,不理解是什么意思



stretch film Chinese manufacturer

Stretch film Chinese
Stretch film Chinese



1. All colors and sizes accessible from the manufacturer.

2. 100% PE unprocessed materials.

3. With RoHS and REACH certificate, Ice-cubes requirements.

4. Pre-stretch level 150-500Per cent

5. Thicknesses: 17Mic-50Mic

6. Widths: 3cm-180cm

7. Lengths: 100M-7000M

We could do any size you want.


(1) All of our components are completely pure LLDPE. So our quality could be guaranteed.

(2) Conserving handling and cost time

(3) Sophisticated equipment and technology

(4) Great ideals for safeguarding items from dirt, rust and moisture.

(5) Affordable components of unitizing

(6) No harmful to surroundings


The relative stretch film site

Automatic pipe bundle packaging system with bag packing


It is a solution to save your labor cost a lot.

How many people for packaging you need in 24 hours production factory?

How much cost in salary and management?

Our automatic pipe bundle making and bundle bag packing machine is able help you to get rid of above problem.

Contact with us: