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stretch film & stretch wrap film   VCI stretch film stretch hood film          PVC stretch film

Stretch Film                      VCI Stretch Film                       Stretch Hood Film                          PVC film

There are different packaging solution along with stretch film and hood film for different equipment.



Please check the following attached for the tube bagging solution with stretch film.
There are two options for tube loading.
a. online feeding: Will be connect to your production line for online bagging.
b. offline feeding: Same as video shows
Note: The trail of end can be sealed or sleeve per your need.
The speical point need to be cleared is that there is need different forming device for different size(HxW) profile.
For example, for there are profile bundles in size, 100×200, 200×200, 300×300… For the best package, we need to change to bagging mold for each.
So if there is lot of size in profile bundle, please let me know. Our team will give your a suggestion for how many bagging mode required by simulate.
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