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Coil Packing Machine
steel,hose,wire,coil wrapping machine Coil packing machine is a special ring type of efficient equipments for coils through eye packaging. There are different types coil packer which is able to provide a nic packing solution for coils..For  soil packing machine or coil wrapping machine, the speed of ring and rollers are adjustable to accommodate materials by inverters. It is the most efficiency equipment for coil objects packaging, which meets the requirement for higher packaging rates and minimal space and lower labor costs.

Such a coil packaging machine covering tight layer of film, paper, fabric...over all surfaces

of coils with with controllable overlap . This tight layer of packaging eliminates most of the air, dust, moisture from outsize of package. And it reducing the possibility of corrosion or water spots, dust and rust, protecting the surface of coil in transportation. The well received machine in market approved the function and value of machine. Because of it made for speed and nice packaging. Find solid structure, easy operation and reliable quality about Coil Packaging Machine just Fhope.


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From coil packing machines, through coil wrapping machines and relating packaging films, Fhope offers a wide variety of coil packaging machine for different coil object packaging, such as hose, HDPE Pipe, steel coil, copper...

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Every single day, Fhope models are working hard, circumstance packing, bagging, erecting and palletizing and more, in your customers' plants all over the world. You can depend on Fhope our gear. With well over years of servicing the industry, we certainly have received numerous loyal clients, and recurring business is the cornerstone of the achievement. With regards to coil wrapping machine, we know the business. We'd like the opportunity earn yours.


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