Steel coil wrapping machine

Steel wire coil compressing and rack take off machine



Automatic steel wire compactinng line

THIS IS A STEEL WIRE PACKING LINE SOLUTION for wie coil compacting with carrier. The packing line includes following parts:

Automatic compacting machine x1 set

wire coil strapping machine x 1set

Carrier Take off machine x1 set

Carrier pusher x 1set

Roller station x1set : for picking up the wire coil from the carie

After tack off the wire coil from the rack, the empty carrier will be pushing to the recycle conveyor.

And wire coil will be move to vertical coil wrapping machine by coil car.

It is able eye through wrapping the steel wire coil automatically( option).

The wire coil rack take off machine is able turning the coil 90 degree. Moving forward and backward with track.

Now many factory looking for the solution to replace the manually handling and packing after the wire production. The line in the video




After wire coil take off from the rack.
The coils package placed with the coil’s eye in vertical position as in the drawing tin horizontal position. Depending on how the coils package is positioned and how the compacting will be done, the Strapping Machine’s design can be different, therefore, we should have clear these aspect in case there should be any point to modify in the solution.

On the other hand, in terms of replacing the strapping head, it is a simple task which does not requires more than 15 minutes. All the electric connectors from the strapping head, two hydraulic connecting tubes, a pneumatic tube and six screws should be released. Once taken off, the strapping head can be extracted by a crane from its position and in order to mount it again, the same procedure should be done but in reverse.