Bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Bearing packing machine

A bearing packing machine is a type of machinery that is used to pack bearings with a protective material, such as paper, tape, or film, to protect them during transportation and storage. These machines can be customized to pack bearings of different sizes and shapes, and can be programmed to pack the bearings with a specific amount of protective material. The machine is designed to automatically wrap the bearings with the desired amount of protective material, which can help to prevent damage to the bearings and extend their lifespan. The protective material can be chosen based on the specific requirements of the application, such as resistance to moisture, temperature, or UV radiation.

The bearing packing machine typically operates by inputting the outer diameter, inner diameter, and width of the bearing, and then automatically setting the parameters for wrapping the bearing with the appropriate amount of protective material. The speed of the turning ring and rollers can be adjusted by converters to adjust the packing speed and overlap, and the packaging material tension can be adjusted to ensure that the wrapping is tight and secure.

The machine is designed with safety features such as guardrails, soft starts, and stops to ensure safe operation. It can also be integrated with a conveyor or production line for automatic bearing packing.

There are different types of bearing packing machines available for different types of bearings. For example, modular bearing assemblies, such as mounted ball bearings and mounted spherical roller bearings, can be packed using specialized machines that are designed to accommodate the specific shape and size of the bearing.

Operation for bearing packing machine:

l. The converters adopted to regulate the overlap from the stretch film and paper packing tape based on requirement.

2. Speed from the turning ring and rollers are adjustable by converters for adjusting the packing speed and overlap

3. Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. width & remedied parameter of coiled metal. Other parameters is going to be set instantly.

4. Guardrails, soft starts and prevent for safety operation.

5. It can be interact with conveyor and production line for auto bearing packing with paper, tape, film…

6. Packaging material tension can be adjusted.

7. Special brake for that tape release device to prevent material folding.

8. Automatic material cutting the feeding system to easy the bearing handling and packaging process.

Mounted Ball Bearings packing machine
PACKING MACHINE modular bearing assembly includes sealed and lubricated inch or metric ball bearings. It really is contained inside many different housings varieties, locking mechanisms, mounting designs, and housing materials.
Sealmaster  Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings wrapping machine
Wrapping machien for Mounted spherical roller bearing assemblies consist of a sealed and lubricated inch spherical bearing with setscrew or adapter mount locking procedure. They are combined within a variety of housings kinds, mounting designs, and housing resources.

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