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The leading manufacturer of the pipe coiler, automatic coiler in China.


Fhope automatic coiler designed for different pipe and hose reel which using for all kinds of plastic pipes and hoses length counting and coil making with the automatic or semi-automatic mode.


It looks interesting to us. In order to look into the buying possibility, please let me know the following:


–      complete specifications

–      the space required

–      operation details

–      and CIF price on ICD  basis.


Automatic steel tube packing machine line

steel tube bundling and strapping machine



TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for tubes packaging line
Product and design data
Product / material: Carbon and galvanized steel tubes
Output diameter (O.D.): min.19 mm – max.76,1 mm
Square profile: min. 15 mm – max. 60 mm
Rectangular profile: min. 25x10mm – max. 100x20mm
Tube Wall Thickness (W.T.): 0,8 mm – 4 mm
Tube length (L.): 4 m – 9 m
Required straightness 0,5mm/1000mm
Max bundle weight: 2500 Kg
Square bundle dimensions w. x h.: min. 220 x 200 – max. 500 x 500
Hexagonal bundle dimensions w. x h.: min. 200 x 200 – max. 575 x 500
Production beat3: 2,4s/tube
Working direction: Left-Right4
Compress air 5: 6 bar
Product material temperature limit: from 5°C to 40°C
Max weight for each machine leg is 670kg: this means that the the weight of the most heavy
bundle can be realized from tube length that involve al least n° 4machine legs.
The maximum production beat is equivalent to 150 m/min on L=6m lenght pipes.
Electric system nameplate data
Nameplate voltage: 400V ± 10%
Nameplate frequency: 50Hz ± 1%
Working conditions
Environmental temperature limits: from 0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity limits: 90% at +20°C
Sea level altitude: max 1000m


Pipe coiler manufacturer


Automatic PVC hose coiling machine

Automatic pipe coiler


pipe coiler&hose winding machine

We  are the producer of soft pvc hoses for garden and technical
purposes. We are looking for solutions in packing hoses.
The  best  solution  will  be  fully  automatic pipe coiler line connected with our
production line it can be also semi-automatic line.
We have seen some of your solutions in internet.
We  are  producing  technical and garden hoses (simple and reinforced)
with the diameter between 10 and 40 mm.
The  capacity  of  the  machine should by between 2,5 – 3000 meter per
Inner dimension of the core from 10 cm to 25 cm,
The external dimension of the coil max 40 cm.
The  machine  should wind the hose, join it with the pvc tape (typical
ca. 5mm) – 3 pieces,
put the label and coil packing with f.e. strech foil.
If you have any questions please contact us.

semi auto plastic pipe coiler


The new pipe coiling machine family is a great innovation, and automatic coiling system participated in the Chinaplas 2016 relying on it.

semiauto plastic coil winding machine and coiler

It is semi auto winding machine for plastic pipe. The coiling tension is adjustable per need. one winder or two winders are available.

These coiler & machines have different range features in common with our automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine. In some cases it can be designed to special packing and handling purpose use with changeover the spooling , coil configurations and packing material…


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL100


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL1200

We will custom design and manufacture an automatic coiling machine and pipe coiler that are able to winding the pipe&hose which covers the strapping requirement.


pipe Coiler & pipe coil strapping machine 2

He  offers automatic tube coiler packaging options for the tube industry. Our commitment to a has led to the development of progressive, cost efficient goods that address problems like unfastened, irregular packaging. Our revenue, equipment services, customer service as well as engineering divisions can help you layout the the best possible protective packaging system for your application.

pipe Coiler & pipe coil strapping machine 2

pipe coiler and hose coiler



Automatic pipe coiler-FCL100

hope Computerized Pipe Coiler Department. specialize in automated pipe and also hose coiling techniques. pipe coiler&hose turning machineThe winding as well as strapping method is for use using a wide range of plastic-type pipe, hose pipe conduit as well as tube. Our own solution is in a position for replacing manual or even semiautomatic coiling . By completely automated coiling techniques, we are assist our consumer reduced labour cost, Improved extrusion speeds. It’s able effortless the job inside coiling and managing. In addition, We have been designing various solutions to the actual wide range of coiling devices for rotating and coiling free-standing coils. we produce automated packing series for coiling tiny diameter together with film. These types of coiler & machines possess different variety features that resembles our computerized pipe coiling as well as strapping equipment. In some cases it could be designed to unique packing as well as handling goal use together with changeover the particular spooling 
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automatic pipe hose coiler and strapping machine

Automatic pipe coiler and hose coiler  for automatic pipe and hose coil making, strapping and eye through packaging


automatic pipe hose coiler and strapping machine


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Automatic tube coiler and pipe coiling strapping machine
Automatic pipe coiler machine works for tube coiling. Automatic counting the length of tube, cutting, holding, strapping, and out feeding. It was for automatic online coiling and automatic offline coiling…