Pipe coiler for Online automatic winding

Automatic pipe coiler

The video is about the strong pipe winding and coiling machine for big and tough pipe coil winding.

It is able strapping the coil too which can be connected with horizontal coil wrapper for stretch wrapping.




Following informaiton required for automatic coiler quotation.

Pipe No. Pipe OD (mm)  Pipe wall thickness  (average in mm) Meter /coil Coil ID coil OD Coil Width







automatic coiling machine for pipe and hose

automatic pipe coiling machine


Please let me know if you could provide an automated coiling machine to produce coils as shown in the attached photos.

These are coils of electrical cord ranging from 50 foot lengths to 150 foot lengths. The coil size is:

Length of cord = 50’ to 150’
Height of Coil = 3.5” to 7”
ID of Coil = 3”
OD of coil = 5” to 12”

The coils are secured by two bands through the eye of the coil. The eye of the coil must remain open for a product to be inserted at a later operation.

I have seen machines for coiling and banding hose and pipe that you have on YouTube that look like they may be able to do this type of product. We would need the line to be able to be run by one operator and produce up to 4 coils per minute.

Please let me know if you can make such coil coiling and winding machine.


Automatic coiling machine for cable is at fhopepack

Hose coil strapping machine and automatic winding machine

automatic coiler and strapping mcahine
hose coiling machine and coiler



Technical data:


Items Technical data of strapping machine
1 Tool weight 15kg
2 Dimension L460 X W290 X H280mm
3 Strap tension 9800N
4 Strap material Steel belt
5 Strap width 19, 25, 32mm
6 Strap thickness 0. 8~1.2mm
7 Type of seal Single or double buckle

It is a automatic strapping machine for steel tube.



Automatic hose/pipe coiling machine & strapping machine


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL1200

We will custom design and manufacture an automatic coiling machine and pipe coiler that are able to winding the pipe&hose which covers the strapping requirement.

automatic pipe coiling machine


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