Panel,timber, Profile shrink packing machine by POF and PE
We are providing automatic profile sealing and shrinking machine for profile, panel,timber…
Automatic solution for feeding, film cutting, shrinking and stacking can be customized per your need. PLC&HMI control system…

It provides full sides bagging and sealed packaging solution.


More packing solution for panel, aluminum profile and timber

aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine


1. PLC & HMI for flexible handle a variety of load sizes.

2. Widely built with high productivity, cost efficiency and longevity.

3. Different program for auto/manual  swift control.

4. The inverters for wrapping and conveying speed changing.

5. Overlap adjustment for both material save and seal package.

6. Can operate and cooperation in-line with other automated equipment


board packing machine and shrinking machinery

board packaging machine
board packaging machine

The new board packing&shrinking machine is range of automatic shrink wrap packers, which is designed per some key concepts such as easy operation, high technology, safety… This is totally a new, a kind of revolution in the board packaging history of Fhopepack products.

The new board packer rather can be pointed as safety equipment quickly due to  the movable safety guards. It allow to cover all the movement parts inside of shield.  The new heat-shrinking tunnels of the BOARD PACKAGING machine with circle heating technical solutions that allow to save energy consumption alot. That ensure the utmost environmental friendly and green compatibility of the packaging processes. The shrink wrap solution is so improve the packaging surface and provide a strong packaging per stocking.

The BOARD PACKING MACHINE series is including following parts: automatic film sealing machine, board shrink wrapper machines and conveyors. It is also work for packing plastic,stretch film, metal , cardboard ,profile, panel… We providing solution depends on the specification and packing goal.The automatic machine also can be designed to pack board in film only, cardboard pad + film…

The speed of the board packaging machine is upt0 15m per minute.The shrinking tunnel size depending on the board product to be packaged. The temperature and the speed of conveyor is adjustable per different board size.  All board packaging machine are equipped with PLC&HMI program control system with respect to the quality mechanical for high speed packing.

Insulation board packaging machine for

board packaging machine
board packaging machine


It is a automatic board shrinking machine including: pushing device, material roll, heat cutter, conveyor shrinking machine for board packaging.

The program control with PLC for online packaging.

Shrinking tunnel with max. temperature upto 200 Degree.

It works for light board with nice film covering and good package protection.




thermal baffle Board packing machine

thermal baffle-Board-packing-machine
thermal baffle-Board-packing-machine


Automatic thermal baffle packaging machine with automatic sealer and shrinking tunnel for automatic shrink wrap packaging.


The sealer is able cutting the film length upto 1200mm.

Control by PLC

Invertors for speed adjustment and motor protection.

Automatic mode for products infeeding and package outfeeding online.



Board packing machine manufacutrer

d Packing Machine
board packing machine & wrapping machine

board packing machine & shrinking machine

Board Stretch Wrapping Machine

Automatic Board Shrinking Machine

automatic board packing line

 Automatic Board Stacking and shrinking line

Automatic Board Packaging Line
At your request, attached please find a quotation of our top sheet dispenser. Please get machine features and technical data in the quotation accordingly.
Please also find a drawing attached for your reference.
Noted: This top sheet dispenser is integrated with a rotary arm wrapping machine.
For additional information, please feel free to contact us for anything.
Even if I agree with you, our management do not allow it. I totally understand your concerns after seeing the board wrapping line operation at our factory last time. Honestly, it was still at initial testing stage at that time. Currently, our electrical engineer has already tested the whole line and it runs smoothly. Some part like bundle stacker can not work continuously with the front line due to facility height problem. But we have still tested this part with master bundle wrapping machine separately, there is no running problem at all and the wrapping effect is pretty good.
To remove your worries, we warmly welcome you to come to see machine running again. If you have any requirements or concerns, we can make modifications accordingly till you are satisfied.

I hope that we can come to a suitable arrangement but at this stage we would be prepared to forfeit the monies already paid and walk away rather than pay 90% before completion as we have lost all confidence in the quality we have seen so far from our other dealings with the Chinese company.

Unfortunately on our visit to your facility the main board wrapping line was also not functioning effectively which has also left us slightly concerned.

I understand you have sent videos showing the line in operation and we appreciate this, hope it shows the lines capacity to run continuously without fault.

We do apologise for the inconvenience but we must act in the best interests of our company to ensure we receive a product that functions as desired.



board and Panel stacking and packing line
board and Panel stacking and packing line

1. 客户现场是否能挖地坑?他说地坑效率高,想让客户挖地坑

——–现场不具备挖坑条件, 4.0×1.2x(1.5-2.4)m 坑太深,太大。


2. 宽度是1.2米,是否还有其它宽度?


3. 一整托必须是一个尺寸


4. 收缩可能会变形,问客户可接受的收缩的程度,最差是什么样子的,最好客户拍照过来, 看看客户现在的收缩效果是什么样子的 尤其是长度4米宽200/500mm 以及客户现在收缩设定的温度是多少,余厂要做参考。

目前用收缩机收收缩的效果,不变形,包装材料厚40microm, 温度在120-140度。



5. 叉车上料时和后堆垛完成后,客户都是如何操作的,可发视频和图片,关键他想知道是否带托盘




6. 叉车的中心距是多少

—– 待确认


7. 以后非标的机子 预付款得50%


8. 堆垛小物体长600mm时速度20秒每个 这个怎么计算出来的,不理解是什么意思



MDF molding boards packing machine

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molding boards packing machine and automatic profile packaging machine



Packaging Equipment, powered by fhopepack , is a top service provider of substantial quality, profile bagging equipment (VFFS). Given that 1988 fhopepack has created a powerful popularity for delivering rugged, properly engineered, effortless-to-use packaging methods backed by exceptional client help. Nonproprietary parts are utilized allowing Matrix to provide value-effective mold packing solutions.

The MDF molding boards packing machine facility close toWisconsin is the Professional Mach Versatile Packaging Group headquarters. With in excess of 135,000 square toes of area for production, assembly, spare areas inventory, and R&D device growth and layout, Matrix supports a total versatile packaging item line including pre-created and rollstock pouch machines and stickpack and sachet systems.
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We make it simpler than ever to uncover the ideal versatile packaging answer, like vertical baggers, pre-manufactured and rollstock pouch systems, and stickpack and sachet techniques.

Robotics make it possible for foodstuff and beverage processing and packaging firms to vastly increase the scale of manufacturing facility automation above the past number of decades. This boost in robotics integration has resulted in greater production rates, enhanced quality and improved safety—all by decreasing the effects of tough operate environments and reducing the affect of exterior environmental elements.

Locate out a lot more what robots can do in 6 techniques robots for MDF molding boards packing machine enhance foodstuff and beverage functions.
Continuing developments in sensing technological innovation have fueled person expectations in practically each industry, and packaging is no exception. Clever sensors are making it possible for packaging machinery companies and their buyers to get more data from personal sensors by means of a selection of interfaces, resulting in operational advancements. Even the big image look at, for Large Knowledge and the industrial Web of Items, starts with tiny knowledge from sensible sensors. Get a closer look at of the action as witnessed from the view at the machinery and production line degree in Sensible sensors improve packaging machinery performance.

automation MDF molding boards packing machine changers that relieve engineering responsibilities was extraordinary in each its duration and the amount of PageViews. Perhaps the truth that it was 1-stop searching for a pallet-load of automation innovation, courtesy of John Henry, PD contributing editor, equipment skilled and author of the KC Boxbottom Adventures in Packaging weblogs. It demonstrates what transpires when an engineer is turned loose at a tech-weighty celebration like the Automate show, the place Henry expended two times speaking with exhibitors to find out the latest automation resources that included, of system, robots (shown).